Education Abroad Showcase

The 2020 Virtual Education Abroad Showcase is an opportunity for future, current and past education abroad students to engage with Kent State University on various topics in international education. The Showcase features events and activities to educate students on the why, how, and where of studying abroad, while also providing programming for returnee students. The Showcase is an opportunity for students to explore the academic, personal, and professional development opportunities available through education abroad at Kent State.

  • New to KSU
    Welcome to Kent State! Whether you are already admitted to KSU or are just starting your college search, we are happy to share information about the education abroad opportunities available to you. Please feel free to peruse the resources and attend the live sessions available throughout the Showcase week, particularly the topics on the why, how, and where to study abroad tabs.
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  • Current KSU Students
    Hey, Golden Flashes! We're happy to see that you are interested in learning more about the education abroad opportunities available to you through Kent State! The live sessions and pre-recorded information available through the Showcase are designed to educate you on various aspects of the study abroad experience.
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  • Education Abroad Returnee Students
    Welcome back, world travelers! We hope your experience abroad was filled with memories to cherish! As you settle into a new routine, you may find yourself wishing for additional opportunities for adventure, contemplating how to tell the story of your journey, or feeling reverse culture shock. The resources provided during the returnee day of the Showcase are meant to assist you in the transition process.
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2020 Virtual Education Abroad Showcase Events

To view the recorded events, please click on the tabs shown below. Events are organized by the themes of why, how, where, and returning from education abroad. 

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Why Study Abroad?

In a world that is constantly growing more connected, it is important for students to partake in educational experiences that enhance their intercultural competence and communication skills. Studying abroad is one method of improving global awareness and understanding, which in turn leads to personal, professional and academic growth. Through these presentations and activities, students will gain an understanding of WHY studying abroad and expanding one's worldview is important now and for future success. 

View the Presentations

Presented by Sarah Hagglund
The Poland Holocaust Perceptions and Remembrance Program is run through the Jewish Studies department and takes students each Spring Break to experience the realities of the Holocaust in Poland first-hand. Many of the lessons learned and conversations had on this trip not only provide students with a greater and more personal understanding of such a dark point in human history, but also can make us all aware of the systems and trends within our own country and the present-day world which parallel those from our past. Sarah Hagglund, a senior History and Anthropology major, will discuss the impact this program had on her as she points out just how timely these lessons can be--answering the question as to "why study abroad?" Because even if the program does not necessarily fit within a major or minor credit, the experience had abroad will teach all students the importance of empathy and activism as we step outside of academia and have the ability to inform change.
Presented by Simone Anselmi
You will be able to Discover Made in Italy excellence in Luxury manufacturing in Fashion & Design, in Food and Hospitality, know about super - creative Entrepreneurs, evaluate alternative Marketing Strategies, experience the mix between tradition and innovation, find out that a new Renaissance for a more Made in Italy and in Europe and Human-centered Business approach is evolving and that it will be able to shape the Global Leaders we need in the post pandemic Business Environment of the future.
Presented by Kristin Stasiowski
Mark Twain in The Innocents Abroad wrote, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.” He would later comment that “broad, wholesome, charitable views” of other people and things could be developed only if we have the courage to break out of our “little corner of the earth.” Studying abroad or away provides students with the opportunity both to discover engaging and diverse environments and to connect with people and cultures very dissimilar from their own with the goal of coming to an appreciation of difference that can be valued and celebrated. Now more than ever, these “broad, wholesome, charitable views” of other peoples and nations can help us to find a common ground and purpose as globally minded citizens committed to a better future. This brief conversation aims to encourage students to study abroad and/or away by placing international education within the rich context of the liberal arts and by demonstrating the many ways in which helps to develop perspective and skill sets necessary to confront the many challenges of the 21st century.
Presented by Kim McGrath & Jennifer Dickey
This session will be a visual exploration of student experiences during study abroad, with a focus on the learning outcomes displayed in 20 stunning photographs from a global campus network. Using a fun "Pecha-Kucha" presentation style, attendees will be inspired and challenged to embark on one of the most impactful and engaging opportunities available through higher education.

How to Study Abroad?

Considering the academic, financial, logistical, and personal planning that should be considered, the thought of embarking on an education abroad journey may seem daunting to some students. These events will provide excellent resources for students to better understand HOW to study abroad, including the process of studying abroad from initial planning to the return home, how to utilize financial aid and scholarships, budgeting and fundraising, and various forms of advising that are available. 

View the Presentations

Presented by Education Abroad Team
The Education Abroad team has gone digital! Step into the virtual office to learn about each advisor and the programs they oversee.
Presented by Kristina Spangler
Not sure how to get started with education abroad at Kent State? Learn the basics through the Education Abroad 101!

Presented by Sara Morato
Did you know you can schedule an education abroad advising appointment through KSU Advising? Join Sara Morato to learn how! (Hint: Find group game Education Abroad)

Presented by Bailey Kepford
This session will demonstrate how to determine the courses you need to take while abroad for your major. Don't let study abroad impact your degree plan - attend this session to find out how to identify the best-fit ISEP programs for your specific degree needs.

Presented by Evan Kiser & Moira Armstrong
LGBTQ+ students are considered to be an underrepresented student population when it comes to participating in study abroad experiences. LGBTQ+ students also tend to face more barriers and challenges while studying abroad. This video presentation hopes to educate people on those challenges that LGBTQ+ students face and to promote the inclusion of these identities when it comes to study abroad programming both here on campus and across the world.

Presented by Adelina Martey
Join us for a fun video presentation and learn 10 simple, common phrases in the beautiful Akan language. Akan is the principal native language of the Akan people of Ghana, spoken over much of the southern half of Ghana by 63% of the population and in Côte d'Ivoire by 41% of the population. You can attend this and then join us again on Thursday for a video tour of opportunities and courses at Webster Ghana's lovely campus located in Accra.

Presented by Miriam Matteson
In this session, we will go over the financial incentives available to support study abroad for CCI majors.

Presented by Lindsay Nelson & Emily Ribnik
Navigating the topic of mental wellness is crucial for every study abroad participant. During this presentation we will talk about how to prepare for your trip with or without a diagnosis and share about our own experience with mental health abroad.

Presented by Jeanne Smith & Sara Morato
Join Jeanne Smith, Director of the Writing Center and Sara Morato, Assistant Director, Education Abroad, for a 1 hour workshop, in which you will be provided with resources and the basics to writing a great scholarship essay.

Presented by Bailey Kepford
Are you looking to take part in an affordable study abroad experience, but you're not sure how to get started on determining if a program will meet your financial needs? Or have you decided on a program, but you're wondering what scholarships are available that you may be eligible for? Then join in for the "Studying Abroad on a Budget" presentation that will outline tips and tricks for making your experience as affordable as possible.

Presented by Jessica Russell
Does the thought of financing an education abroad experience seem daunting? Please join Jessica Russell, Financial Aid Counselor for Study Abroad, to learn how you can utilize your financial aid package to assist with paying for a KSU study abroad program. 

Presented by Jeydelyn Martinez
The Gilman Scholarship Program has become the largest U.S. undergraduate scholarship program supporting U.S. students of high financial need to participate in study abroad programs and international internships. Gilman is one of many vehicles to help students go abroad through scholarships. However, it is much more than just a scholarship; it is now a program – it is the access to a life-changing experience, to an opportunity for students to give back to their communities and to become a part of a legacy that will continue to give Gilman Scholars ongoing opportunities.
Presented by Jessica Russell
Students who participate in education abroad programs where credit is earned at a partner institution (i.e., not KSU courses) must complete several forms to receive financial aid and have the credits transfer to KSU. Please join Jessica Russell to learn about the Start of Semester and End of Semester Learning Agreements, Transfer Course Planning Form, and Cost of Attendance Increase Form. 

Presented by Molly Papay & Jessica Russell 
What is the difference between a billable and non-billable expense? How do you find the estimated costs of education abroad programs? What are some strategies for determining how much money will be needed to survive in another country? Join this session to have these questions answered and more!


Where to Study Abroad?

With more than 200 program options in over 60 countries, Kent State University offers an education abroad experience to suit every major and interest! Because it may feel overwhelming to have so many options, students will have the opportunity to learn about WHERE to study abroad through a variety of presentations and activities.

View the Presentations

Presented by Kristina Spangler
Kent State Geneva is a comprehensive academic and cultural program. Learn more about the program including what it's like to live and study in Geneva.  As part of the program, students also have the opportunity to apply for a prestigious internship opportunity with an International Organization or a Non Governmental Organization.  There are semester-long and summer opportunities to study in Geneva.
Presented by Sadie Fletcher
Based on testimonials from former Paris American Academy students, we will give you an insigh into what living in the "City of Lights" is really like!

Presented by Jeta Sahatqija & Natalie Kvackova-Sipula
Located in the heart of Europe, Anglo-American University allots students a truly international education. Explore what it might be like studying for a semester abroad alongside students from over 80 different countries in small classes designed for authentic engagement and discussion.

Presented by Carlotta Lazzarotto
At Regent’s University London, every day brings something new. Set in 11 acres of private garden, our campus in Regent’s Park is a quiet, secluded haven in which to live and study. Our students enjoy an exclusive and inspiring learning environment with easy access to the wealth of cultural, professional and social opportunities in London. At Regent’s, London is both our classroom and our playground. The city’s culture, heritage and commerce offer a rich extension of the classroom and form an essential part of the Regent’s student experience. Join this session to find more about our study abroad programmes and the reasons why London is a great location for studying abroad!

Why Germany? (Part 1) (Part 2)
Presented by Mark Cassell
It's a testament to human progress that a country that nearly blew up the world twice in the 20th century is model for the rest of the world in the 21st century. Germany, the largest economy in Europe, has become a beacon of democracy, stability, and prosperity for the rest of the world. What's going on? How has the country managed to lead on immigration, climate change, and public efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19? Through face-to-face briefings with German leaders at all levels of government, cultural and historic experience, and lots of amazing ice cream, this course is a once-in-a-life time opportunity to not just learn about a remarkable country but to experience it first-hand.

Presented by Molly Papay
Kent State Exchange Programs provide students with the opportunity to become fully immersed in the local culture and customs of the host institution. Through this session, students will gain an understanding of how exchange programs differ from other program types; how to apply for an exchange program; and specific programs available in various countries throughout Asia, Australia, and the Americas. 

Presented by Fabio Corsini, Francesca Passeri, & Sara Morato
During this session, we will discuss idioms and idiomatic expressions and how cultures and languages are deeply connected together. Idioms are words or expressions that have a figurative meaning easily understood by the natives that cannot be literally translated into other languages. In order to understand the meanings of idioms, you need to know not only a language but also a culture.
In this funny and informal session, we will talk about some idioms in Spanish and Italian, and of some awkward, sometimes embarrassing but always funny experiences you go through in the process of learning a language and familiarizing to a culture.

Presented by Caitlin Roach & Molly Papay
A fun and interactive Q&A session for current KSU students interested in studying abroad in Japan. The session will be hosted by Caitlin Roach, a KSU student who participated in the year long Rikkyo University program, and Molly Papay, an Education Abroad Advisor. Join us with any questions you might have about life in Japan or studying abroad in Japan!

Presented by Bailey Kepford
Join this session to learn tips and tricks to selecting a program and preparing to study abroad when you live off campus. Presented by Bailey Kepford of ISEP. 

Presented by Marcelo Mira
Pontifical Catholic University of Parana - PUCPR is an exchange program in Curitiba Brazil, that provides students with the opportunity to become immersed in Brazilian culture and customs. Join this session to learn more about this program including, what type of classes are offered, what is is like to live and study in Curitiba. This program offers semester and year-long opportunities.

Presented by Mwatabu S. Okantah
The Department of Pan-African Studies Ghana Study Abroad Program is an interdisciplinary academic and cultural experience for students and community stakeholders that is designed to explore 21st century life at both the village and at the city levels in the West African nation of Ghana.

Presented by Pacifique Niyonzima
From a devastating genocide 25 years ago, Rwanda became East Africa's premier travel destination.
- Rwanda is one of the only 3 places in the world where you can spot world's remaining 880 mountain gorillas
- Rwanda is one of the safest countries.  Not only just in Africa, but also in the world (2015, Gallup's Law and Order index)
- Big Five safari destination in their natural habitat (elephants, buffalo, etc.)
- Warmly hospitality of the University of Rwanda

Presented by Theresa Wallace & Amelia Corrigan
Learn how the College of Business Administration supports students through a variety of education abroad experiences!

Webster Vienna Private University: Study in the heart of Europe (Part 1) (Part 2)
Presented by Serena Giacomin
It only takes a few simple steps to get you here at Webster Vienna Private University. An American institution where liberal arts education in a  research-oriented setting. Webster Vienna is in the heart of Europe. At the Webster Vienna Campus, students benefit from faculty mentorship, excellence in teaching, and small class sizes. At Webster Vienna, students develop specialized knowledge while interacting with an international student community and faculty: our student body counts more than 70 different nationalities. Vienna offers a variety of cultural resources as well as a network of connection to other Austrian and European locations. Study abroad students have the opportunity to learn German and Austrian culture, both in the classroom and in everyday life. Students have access to several resources and services on campus that will help during their time at Webster Vienna, including tutoring services through the Quant and Language Centers, Learning Support and Counseling, and also Career advices through our Career and Placement Center (especially for the ones interested in working or intern in in Europe!). Webster Vienna is about more than just attending classes. Here you'll explore different cultures and develop lifelong friendships. We look forward to welcoming you on campus at Webster Vienna.

Webster Vienna Private University: Research Topics (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)
Presented by Serena Giacomin
At Webster Vienna Private University, our Faculty is actively involved in publication and research. The main fields of current research are International Relations, Psychology, and Strategic Communication.
Presented by Adelina Martey
Learn about the opportunities for you to study in Ghana, and take a virtual tour alongside Kent State faculty and students that participated in special programs for Media Communications and Nursing students. This session features highlights of different programs available at Webster Ghana. 

Presented by Dina Skias
Ever wondered what it'd be like to spend a semester or summer studying in Athens?  This video gives you a tour of the Webster Athens campus, a glimpse into what it's like to be a student in Athens, and shows you other beautiful travel destinations within Greece.

Presented by Vlad Glaveanu
This session will showcase some of the most recent research on creativity and wonder conducted at Webster University Geneva and, in particular on the relation between mobility and creativity and argue that traveling - physically and/or imaginatively - is an essential prerequisite for the creative mind. Our capacity to wonder is, itself, rooted in the possibility of moving around, occupying different positions in the world and, as a consequence, developing new and original perspectives on it. The session will include a short presentation on the campus in Geneva and the courses and activities there that not only educate global citizens but citizens capable of imagining better futures and finding creative ways to make them come true.

Presented by Kristin Stasiowksi, Ed Butch, Kristina Spangler, & Nicoletta Peluffo
For anyone who has ever attempted a "couch to 5K" exercise program, you know that it seems like a daunting and incredible challenge.  And it feels the same way for most students to think about going from the comfort and familiarity of "home" to a foreign country as they consider participating in a study abroad or study away program.  The Run the World 5K Walk/Run Study Abroad/Study Away Fundraiser Race was created specifically to address BOTH of these fears at the same time AND to provide Kent State University students with important financial support to make their academic dreams of international education come true!  In this conversation, we will discuss how to approach the idea of studying abroad/studying away with an open mind and a courageous heart --- and some serious resources that will take you from "couch to coach" (airline seat!) in no time!  Topics will include, how to align your international destination with your academic, personal, and professional goals; how to budget for your trip; and how to leverage what you learn while abroad into different, awesome opportunities when you return.  Not only that, but the Run the World Team will discuss the cultural significance of running and wellness in many different countries from Brazil to Europe and beyond. 
Presented by Molly Papay
Kent State Exchange Programs provide students with the opportunity to become fully immersed in the local culture and customs of the host institution. Through this session, students will gain an understanding of how exchange programs differ from other program types; how to apply for an exchange program; and specific programs available in various countries throughout Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

Presented by Laura Fenelli
Short introduction about the importance of the city of Florence, Italy, from many points of view: the social and political history, the arts and the architecture, and the food!

Presented by Sara Morato
Dankook University is a private university in southern Seoul, South Korea. This exchange program will provide students the opportunity to immerse themselves in Korean culture and customs. Join this session to learn more about this program including, what type of classes are offered, what is is like to live and study in South Korea. This program offers summer, semester and year-long opportunities.

Presented by Kristina Spangler
The Kent State Florence Summer Institute is a comprehensive academic and cultural program that has a 4-week academic component over the summer break. Earn academic credit toward your degree while immersing yourself in Italian culture. Attend this information session to learn about what it's like to be a Golden Flash studying in Florence for the Summer Institute.

Presented by Alberto Yaque & Alexandra Rokisky
Two business students break down their month-long summer 2019 trip to Xi'an, China. Xi'an is where 13 dynasties of Chinese Emperors (and one Empress) ruled and is considered the old capital of China. The rich history combined with the amazing landmarks and unique experiences provided for some amazing stories.

Presented by Kim Hahn & Ann Walter
EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS & DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE. Global linkages are a key component of a fashion student's education. School of Fashion students are required to complete an approved study-away experience prior to graduation. Kent State Fashion offers international study abroad experiences in six European and Asian countries, two faculty-led study tours, various internship opportunities, and domestic study away experiences in New York and Los Angeles.

Presented by Kristina Spangler
Kent State University has been educating students in Florence for almost 50 years. Kent State Florence is a comprehensive academic and cultural program. In addition to completing a full course load, students have many opportunities to get acquainted with Florence and Italy during their time studying abroad. Attend this information session to learn about what it's like to be a Golden Flash studying in Florence for a full semester.

Returning from Study Abroad

While a significant amount of learning and growth happens during the in-country travel experience, education abroad does not stop upon returning home. These activities and events will provide students who are RETURNING from an education abroad experience (and those who are interested in learning about the returnee experience) with opportunities to reflect upon their personal journey, hear testimonials from other participants, and learn ways to continue having a global experience from home!

View the Presentations

Presented by Moira Armstrong
In the spring of 2020, hundreds of Kent State University study abroad students returned home abruptly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This trend has continued as both short- and long-term programs throughout the spring, summer, and fall were canceled. There are many other reasons that students may not be able to travel during their undergraduate careers, from strict majors to financial concerns. Students who are unable to study abroad may feel as though they are missing out on new experiences; however, thanks to technology, students can still discover the cultures, people, and places virtually. This session will discuss some of the ways that students who are unable to go on study abroad trips can still engage globally and gain the benefits of study abroad from the comfort of their own homes.
Presented by Zachary Nelson
Have you ever wondered what it is like to return from abroad? The post-arrival portion of your study abroad experience is as important as your pre-departure. It is in these crucial moments that you realize the impact your time away has had on you. Being faced with your own culture with a newly developed outside view is a powerful feeling.

Presented by Evan Faidley
The time you spent abroad has no doubt been impactful for your personal and professional growth, but articulating your lived experiences to potential employers may have left you speechless. Please join Evan Faidley, Graduate Assistant for the Division of Graduate Studies and Graduate Student Career Liaison to Career Exploration and Development, for a presentation on communicating study abroad experiences on a student resume.

Presented by Sara Greicius
Sara Greicius, International Admissions Counselor at Kent State, reflects on her time at KSU Geneva as an undergraduate student with regard to how the experience transformed her worldview and led to her dream career.

Presented by Office of Global Education
Explore the world through books that feature international authors, settings, or themes.

Presented by Office of Global Education
Explore the world through films that feature international directors, locations, or themes.

Presented by Fabrizio Ricciardelli 
Tune in to the Kent State Education Abroad Instagram page (@studyabroadkent) for a live concert from Florence with the Director of the KSU Florence Center, Fabrizio Ricciardelli.

Presented by Melissa Celko
Please join Melissa Celko, Director of Kent State Wellness, for a meditation session to reduce stress and anxiety, while finding peace at being present in the moment. 

Presented by Kim McGrath & Jennifer Dickey
When planning for a study abroad experience, it is hard to imagine that returning can be the most difficult part!  But it doesn't have to be.  Discover what it means to be transformed by study abroad; and how students have energized their new, adventurous selves by finding a way back to their international destination and keeping treasured memories alive.  Individual alumni will share their unique experiences, many of which include a return.... to living, learning, and studying abroad!

Presented by Nicoletta Peluffo
The lecture is a reflection on one of the most popular cultural products of the media industry, Pinocchio. Born in Italy, strongly connected to Tuscany, the puppet has traveled through the borders of a nation, a language, and a culture thus becoming a universal icon of interculturality. Today we will follow Pinocchio's journey from Italy to the United States...and back.

Presented by Salma Benhaida, Amber Cruxton, & Sarah Malcolm
Interested in learning more about the field of International Education? Join us as we discuss the vast field of international education and how to work towards a career in the field.

Presented by Dr. Tameka Ellington & Sarah Schmidt
As studying away becomes more popular amongst BIPOC students, many institutions fail to diversify their study abroad options to ensure that ALL students will have a welcoming stay in their visiting country.