Dear Friends,

As our world increasingly brings together people from different cultures, it is vital that we foster international awareness and competency in our students – our next generation of leaders.

Therefore, we encourage our students to expand their worldview through study abroad. Whether they choose a short-term academic workshop or a full year abroad, they benefit from exposure to different ways of living and thinking. Students come back with a renewed curiosity and desire to learn. They are more confident in their own abilities and have a greater understanding of global issues.

Our goal is for every Kent State student to graduate having been exposed to the world – and we are making great progress. In fact, we are among the top 3% of universities in the nation that send students abroad. The need for this educational experience is evident, but it often necessitates additional costs. As we continue to work toward this objective, we are grateful to our supporters who also recognize the value of cultivating global citizens. Your gifts are the very reason many students can engage in this transformative experience.

Un saluto,

Marcello Fantoni
Associate Provost
Office of Global Education

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Group of students, gathered together posed and smiling for the camera in Asia

The Office of Global Education is committed to providing accessible study-abroad opportunities for all students.

Study Abroad Student Support — Many students have the desire to learn beyond their classrooms by studying abroad, but they may need scholarships in order to do so. As a centralized office, we can offer scholarship support to students from any major. Each student has a unique need, from a few hundred dollars to a full semester’s tuition, and we strategically award scholarships to support as many students as possible and encourage diversity among our study-abroad cohorts.

International Student Support Fund – International students experience a wide range of needs while studying in the U.S. Because of their international student status and the specifications of their visas, they may encounter limited employment opportunities and difficulty accessing financial support and resources that are available to domestic students. In addition, emergency situations may arise while they are in the U.S. away from their family and support system--or back home, impacting their resources possibly requiring them to return to their country. Funds raised will support international students with expenses related to tuition, fees and emergencies, as they navigate the unique challenges of studying abroad.

Globalization of Faculty — Faculty-led programs are very popular among Kent State students due to their shortened time frame, lower cost and personalized learning experience. However, these programs require significant investment, both in time and in resources, for faculty to develop new course curriculums and forge new international partnerships. Funds raised will go to providing financial support for these initiatives to develop more diverse education-abroad programming and access to our Kent State students. 

Kent State University has a long tradition of global education. *Did you know:

  • We offer approximately 200 programs per year in an average of 60 countries.
  • We have locations in Florence, Italy; Geneva, Switzerland; Prague, Czech Republic; and Brazil.
  • We are among the top 3% of universities in the U.S. that send students abroad.
  • We began offering study-abroad opportunities in the 1960s.
  • We were the first American university to send students to the Soviet Union during the Cold War.
  • We were the second university (after Harvard University) to send female students to Saudi Arabia.
  • More students are choosing to study abroad:
    • 2014/15: 4.9% of the graduating students had studied abroad.
    • 2018/19: 24.6% of the graduating students had studied abroad.

*These numbers are based on figures prior to the COVID-19 situation.

Support The Office of Global Education

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