Please review the guides and forms below before contacting ISSS. Once you have reviewed the information pertaining to your question(s), you may make an appointment, email, or come to Walk-In Wednesdays to meet with an advisor to discuss your situation.

F-1 Student Guides

F-1 Employment Options

On-Campus Employment

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

STEM OPT Extension

Severe Economic Hardship


F-1 and F-2 Status Guides

Change to F-1 Status

Change to F-2 Status

Local Address and Telephone Update

Concurrent Enrollment


​​Leave of Absence or Withdrawal

Program Extension


Reduced Course Load Authorization

Transfer In



Additional F-1 Guides

Emergency Grants

International Student Event Fund Request

Invitation Letter

Shipping Labels



J-1 Students and Scholars


On-Campus Employment

Academic Training

J-1 Scholar Program Extension

J-1 Student Program Extension


Transferring Out