Spring 2019 Doctoral Forum Retreat Recap

Spring 2019 Doctoral Forum Retreat was held last Saturday, April 13, 2019, at Read Room 200, White Hall (see agenda and presentations from the retreat). Dean Stephen Mitchell welcomed doctoral students and gave a brief information about different types of GA positions and how to apply for one. Jamie JIttapirom shared with the students Doctoral Student Forum website as a place where students can find relevant information that might be hard to find. She also encouraged students to share their Success Story, whether it be presenting at the conference, article being accepted and published in a journal, and etc., so that they can be recognized and appreciated.

The retreat went from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m..  Students had four 30-minute breakout sessions to choose from; Developing Work-Life Balance by Dr. Jason Miller, Let’s Set Up a PhD Electronic Filing System by Jennifer Lowers, So you think you can do APA? by Sarah Kiepper, and Connecting with Faculty In and Beyond Your Program by Paul Geis.

Sarah Kiepper hosted "So you think you can do APA?" breakout session at Spring 2019 Doctoral Forum Retreat.
Pictured: Sarah Kiepper explaining APA style in her breakout session, "So you think you can do APA?".


The breakout sessions was greatly received and students have asked for the presentations used in the breakout sessions to be distributed for later reference. A few students shared that they had never known about the information and practices given in the breakout sessions before. One student shared the feeling of a community of doctoral students and "real people" she received through the retreat. One student who is currently not enrolled in the Spring semester explained how attending the retreat helped refreshing her doctoral student experience. 

This event was organized by Jamie Jittapirom, Doctoral Forum Chair, and Dean Stephen Mitchell. The purpose of the retreat was to provide a space for doctoral students to learn practical skills for their doctoral journey as well as for them to meet with doctoral students who might not be in the same program.

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