Professional Phase Admission

General Requirements

Before enrolling in HM 33050 Professional Practices and HM 43092 Hospitality Management Practicum, students must be admitted into the professional phase of the program by providing documentation of the following:

  • Completion of HM 13022, HM 13023, HM 13024, HM 23030
  • First aid and CPR certification
  • 400 paid work hours in the hospitality field
  • ServSafe Certificate / Permanent Ohio certified manager status 

At the time students apply for the professional phase, they will be required to provide documentation of the above requirements during the application process.  

In addition, students must meet minimum GPA requirements:

  • 2.00 cumulative Grade Point Average
  • 2.25 major Grade Point Average

First Aid Certification and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certification

First aid and CPR certifications must be obtained during your freshman or sophomore years in college.  Students are expected to provide documentation of these certifications at the time they apply for the professional phase.  These courses are available in many local communities through the American Red Cross, schools, and other organizations.

In addition, the Kent State University Wellness Center offers a CPR certification course on an annual basis. 

400 Work Hours in the Hospitality Industry

Four hundred hours of paid employment in the hospitality industry must be documented in order for students to be admitted to the professional phase.

Ask your employer(s) to document in writing the number of hours that you have worked in their establishment, with a brief notation about your job responsibilities. The letter must be written on company letterhead and include the signature of your employer. Alternatively, pay stubs that document your work hours may also be used.  Take the letter (or the paystubs) to an HM faculty member so they can attach a "400 hours approval form" to the letter.  Students will be expected to provide this form as a part of application to the professional phase of the program.

“My degree with KSU HM has been invaluable for making connections within the industry. I graduated in 2011 and being a KSU alumni has pushed me ahead of other candidates or has been a relatable topic of discussion as there are MANY KSU and KSU HM alumni in the workforce. For example, I have experience in event planning, event production, sports, marketing & community relations, F&B, and several other areas that connect back to KSU. This degree and my experience within KSU HM has gone far beyond academics! This is a relationship-driven industry and that most important.”
– Kaylee Piper
Meeting and Event Coordinator, Experient Inc.


You will receive Permanent Ohio Certified Manager Status when a passing score is achieved on the ServSafe Certification exam. This exam is given near the end of the semester in the HM 13022 Sanitation and Safety course. The ServSafe Certificate / Permanent Ohio Certified Manager certificate must be provided at the time students apply for the professional phase of the program.