Adam Jajtner, Ph.D., CSCS | Exercise Science/Physiology | Kent State University

Adam Jajtner, Ph.D., CSCS

Adam Jajtner, Ph.D., CSCS

Adam Jajtner

Dr. Jajtner joined the Exercise Physiology faculty at Kent State in the Fall of 2016.  He completed his Bachelor’s Degree and Valparaiso University, his Master’s Degree at Texas Christian University and his PhD. at the University of Central Florida.  During his doctoral training, Dr. Jajtner’s research focused on exercise inflammation and the immune response to skeletal muscle damage resulting from resistance exercise.  As a member of the faculty at Kent State, Dr. Jajtner plans to continue his research on the role of the immune system in the recovery from exercise-induced muscle damage.

Job Title

Assistant Profesor

Job Department

Exercise Science/Physiology