The Exercise Science and Exercise Physiology Programs have nine laboratories that are dedicated to research and classes.  These laboratories vary in focus from behavioral science to environmental physiology, as well as motor control and cardiovascular health. 

We strongly encourage both undergraduate and graduate students to become involved in research projects within these laboratories.  Part of this involvement includes individual investigations credit hours for undergraduate students and research credit hours for graduate students.  When registered for these credit hours, students will work with a faculty member on one of the ongoing research projects.

Please contact the faculty member associated with each lab for more information on how to become involved and how to volunteer as a research subject.

Faculty members within the Exercise Science and Exercise Physiology Programs also have a wide net of collaborations including:

  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Biological Sciences
  • Department of Athletic Training
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • The Cleveland Clinic
  • Cleveland VA Medical Center
  • Behavioral Science Lab

    Behavioral Science Lab

    The laboratory focuses on physical activity behavior, primarily in the pediatric population.

  • Cardiovascular Dynamics Laboratory

    Cardiovascular Dynamics Laboratory

    The Cardiovascular Dynamics Laboratory is dedicated to understanding and disseminating data related to how the body responds to physiological stress.

  • Environmental Physiology Lab

    Environmental Physiology Lab

    Research in the laboratory focuses on normobaric hypoxia and cold exposure, i.e., extreme environmental conditions and developing strategies that enhance our ability to treat, compete and better understand the human condition under these stressors, both physiologic and cognitive.

  • Exercise Biochemistry and Immunology Laboratory

    Exercise Biochemistry and Immunology Laboratory

    The Exercise Biochemistry and Immunology Laboratory is an interdisciplinary facility dedicated to processing and analyzing various biological samples in response to diverse exercise stimuli. 

  • Exercise Performance and Recovery Laboratory

    Exercise Performance and Recovery Laboratory

    The Exercise Performance and Recovery Laboratory focuses on the fatiguing effects of both aerobic and resistance exercise, and the recovery from these various exercise modalities. 

  • Exercise Physiology/Testing Lab

    Exercise Physiology/Testing Lab

    This lab is primarily used for the laboratory portion of several classes offered by the Exercise Physiology department, as well as various research projects.

  • Motor Control Lab

    Motor Control Lab

    Our lab is interested in how aging and neurological disorders limit exercise and movement in humans. Our current research examines the benefits of exercise and movement training on motor function in individuals with Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis.

  • Strength Laboratory

    Strength Laboratory

    The Strength Laboratory is a multipurpose room aimed towards research projects utilizing resistance exercise, and graduate and undergraduate courses that are learning about resistance exercise.

  • Vascular Health Lab

    Vascular Health Lab

    The research interests of our group focus on the links between vascular health, blood flow regulation and muscle function.