Exercise Performance and Recovery Laboratory

The Exercise Performance and Recovery Laboratory focuses on the fatiguing effects of both aerobic and resistance exercise, and the recovery from these various exercise modalities. 

Specifically, we focus on changes in functional performance following exercise, as well as the inflammatory actions that take place within the body during and after exercise.


To learn more about The Exercise Performance and Recovery Laboratory, please contact Laboratory Director, Adam Jajtner, Ph.D., at ajajtner@kent.edu or 330-672-0212.

Current Projects

Current Projects - Exercise Performance and Recovery Lab

In our laboratory, we are currently:

Examining physical performance and recovery, as well as inflammatory markers following prolonged aerobic exercise with and without environmental stress.

These projects are being conducted in collaboration with the Environmental Physiology Lab and Dr. Glickman. While the inflammatory response to exercise in the heat may be exacerbated, these projects aim to further define this exacerbation as well as identify potential nutritional interventions to limit the overall inflammatory response to exercise while under environmental stress.

Examining the effects of various ergogenic aids on resistance exercise performance and recovery.

These projects are examining the impact of various ergogenic aids on the muscle damaging effects of resistance exercise.  Specifically, we aim to examine the role of knee wraps, and pre-workout supplements on the total volume of resistance exercise and the post-exercise muscle damaging effects.


Equipment - Exercise Performance and Recovery Lab 

  • HUMAC Norm Isokinetic Dynamometer

  • HUMAC Balance System

  • HUMAC 360 Linear Transducer

  • Parvo Medics TrueOne2400 Metabolic Analysis System

  • Velotron Cycle Ergometer

  • Monark Cycle Ergometer

  • Force Platform with dual Integrated PASCO Force Plates

  • Squat Stand with dual Integrated PASCO Force Plates

  • BIOPAC 2-Channel EMG System

  • Data Analysis Station

Biological Specimen Sampling

Biological Specimen Sampling

Many of the projects completed in this laboratory are completed in conjunction with the Exercise Biochemistry and Immunology Laboratory.

A subsection of the laboratory has been dedicated to the acquisition of biological specimens.  Currently, our laboratory engages in routine sampling of blood both during and following exercise protocols.