Program History

In the late 1960’s, the Exercise Physiology laboratory was called the Applied Physiology laboratory.  In that timeframe, the Kent State University Faculty Exercise Program began evaluating the effect of exercise on serum cholesterol under the direction of Dr. Larry Golding. 

The current Exercise Physiology Laboratory was erected in 1979, also under the direction of Dr. Larry Golding who was joined by Dr. Wayne Sinning.  The main focus of the laboratory was human performance, protein supplementation, exercise testing, and body composition analysis.

The laboratory was equipped with treadmills, cycle ergometers (Douglas bags and an array of equipment to evaluate metabolism), in addition to an underwater weighing tank, and an environmental chamber.  During his tenure at Kent State University, Dr. Wayne Sinning organized YMCA workshops for certification of individuals to become Fitness Instructors. In 1995 Ellen Glickman joined the faculty from Louisiana State University where she served for 6 years. Here primary research area is environmental extremes (i.e., cold, hypoxia and heat). Since that time she has recruited and retained outstanding colleagues.  Since 1971, approximately 80 dissertations have been completed by over 11 graduate faculty.

In addition, the field of Exercise Science has evolved historically. As Exercise Science was born out of physiology and physical education and it has become increasingly tied to the Allied Health Professions due to advancement in technology, the field has become more accreditation oriented as well as specialized and has since moved away from physical education. This evolution has created the need for exercise science to become a new major with a new core which is more specific to the Allied Health Professional and the science of exercise physiology as a whole. Thus, in 2009 the Exercise Science major separated from Physical Education and become a stand-alone major.  The purpose of this move was to create a new major with two Concentrations: a) Exercise Physiology or, b) Exercise Specialist.  In 2013 a third concentration, Pre-Physical therapy/Occupational Therapy was created.  In addition the Exercise Sciences program at the undergraduate level has transitioned from the YMCA to ACSM CAAHEP Accreditation. Dr. Glickman has overseen this transition with her colleagues to EHHS and the growth of the program moving forward.

Enrollment in the exercise science/physiology programs has increased tremendously over the past 10 years.  Doctoral student enrollment is up 114% and undergraduate enrollment is up 200%.  Numerous factors likely contributed to this increase in enrollment especially the heightened visibility when the major separated from physical education and the addition of new faculty members Dr. Barkley (2006), Dr. Ridgel (2008), Dr. McDaniel (2010), Dr. Kingsley (2013) and Dr. Jajtner (2016) which diversified the research opportunities offered to potential doctoral students.  Currently the program has approximately 300 undergraduate students, 25 masters students and 20 doctoral students.

Historical List of Doctoral Students 

Kelsey Frances Scanlon (2017)

An Exploration of the Relationship Between Menstrual Phase and Collegiate Female Upper and Lower Body Anaerobic Capacities

Directors: Dr. Jacob Barkley and Dr. Ellen Glickman


Jonathan R. Stavres (2017)

The Feasibility of Blood Flow Restriction Exercise for Individuals with Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries

Director: Dr. John McDaniel


Curtis G. Fennell (2016)

The Effects of a 16-Week Exercise Program and Cell Phone Use on Physical Activity, Sedentary Behavior, and Health-Related Outcomes

Directors: Dr. Jacob Barkley and Dr. Ellen Glickman


Dana L. Ault (2016)

The Effects of Dynamic Cycling on Motor Function, Gait, Mobility and Balance in Individuals with Parkinson's Disease

Director: Dr. Angela Ridgel


Hayden D. Gerhart (2016)

Acute Effects of Normobaric Hypoxia and Cold Water Hand Immersion on Thermoregulatory Response and Cognitive Function

Director: Dr. Ellen Glickman


Sara A. Harper (2016)

The Influence of BDNF Val66Met Polymorphism on Cognition, Depression, Quality of Life, and Monitor Symptoms in Individuals with Parkinson's Disease after Dynamic Cycling

Director: Dr. Angela Ridgel


Mallory S. Kobak (2016)

The Experimental Effect of Parent Versus Peer Influences on Children's Physical Activity Behavior

Director: Dr. Jacob Barkley


Fredrick J. Peters (2016)

The Effects of Localized Vibration on Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness Following Intense Eccentric Cycling

Directors: Dr. Angela Ridgel and Dr. J. Derek Kingsley


Andrew T. Newton (2016)

The Validity of a Commercially Available, Low-Cost, Wrist-Mounted Accelerometer During Treadmill Exercise and a Free-Living Setting

Directors: Dr. Ellen Glickman and Dr. Jacob Barkley


Nilin M. Rao (2016)

Biomedical Application of Thermochromic Liquid Crystals and Leuco Dyes for Temperature Monitoring in the Extremities

Director: Dr. Ellen Glickman


Yongsuk Seo (2015)

The Effects of Acute Exercise on Cognitive Performance in Hypoxic Condition

Director: Dr. Ellen Glickman


Allan Shook (2015)

The Effects of Cardiac Rehabilitation On 30-Day Hospital Readmission Rates

Director: Dr. Ellen Glickman


Keith J. Burns (2015)

Exercise to Improve Blood Flow and Vascular Health in the Lower Limbs of Paraplegics

Director: Dr. John McDaniel


Morgan Cooper Bagley (2015)

Single Leg Aerobic Capacity, Muscular Strength, Balance and Agility in Healthy and Surgically Repaired Anterior Cruciate Ligament Legs in College Age Students

Director: Dr. Lisa Chinn and Dr. John McDaniel


Phillip V. Lascola (2015)

Psychological Responses to Counterweight Single-Leg Cycling in an Elderly Population

Directors: Dr. John McDaniel and Dr. Ellen Glickman


Brandon Pollock (2015)

Determining the Influence of Limb and Gender on Blood Pressure Regulation and Functional Sympatholysis During the Application of Negative Pressure

Director: Dr. John McDaniel


Jennifer L. Petersen (2015)

Effect of Brief Aquatic Exercise in Multiple Sclerosis On Mobility and Function

Director: Dr. Angela Ridgel


Michael J. Rebold (2014)

The Experimental Effect of Parental Influence On Children's Physical Activity

Director: Dr. Jacob Barkley


Duane B. Corbett (2014)

Physiological and Psychological Effects of a 12-Week Faculty/Staff Exercise Program in a University Setting

Directors: Dr. Ellen Glickman and Dr. J. Derek Kingsley


Andrew J. Carnes (2014)
The Effect of Peer Influence of Exercise Behavior and Enjoyment in Recreational Runners
Director: Dr. Jacob Barkley

Robert S. Phillips (2014)
Single Trial Effects of Dynamic Cycling: How Long Does it Last?
Director: Dr. Angela Ridgel

Matthew R. Feeback (2013)
Physiological Differences Before, During and After Hypoxic Exercise Between African-American and Caucasian Males
Director: Dr. Ellen Glickman

Matthew V. Bliss (2013)
The Effects of Aerobic Fitness Between Healthy Aerobically Fit and Unfit College-Aged Males During and Following Exercise in Normobaric Hypoxia and Normoxia
Director: Dr. Ellen Glickman

Megan L. Williamson (2013)
The Difference in Physical Activity Levels and Attention Levels in Preschool Children Before and After Free Play Recess and Structured Play Recess
Director: Jacob E. Barkley

Lee Anne Siegmund (2012)
The Effect of Peer Influence on the Reinforcing Value of Physical Interactive Video Games in Children
Director: Jacob E. Barkley

Gabriel J. Sanders (2012)
A Friend Versus a Group of Friends Effect on Physical Activity Behavior in 6-10 Year Old Children
Director: Jacob E. Barkley

Corey A. Peacock (2012)
Executive Function and Physical Performance on Flight Control Devices During Exposure to Normobaric Hypoxia
Co-Directors: Dr. Angela L. Ridgel, Dr. Ellen Glickman

David J. Kean (2012)
The Effects of Cold and Lower Body Negative Pressure on Cardiovascular and Thermoregulatory Homeostasis
Director: Dr. Ellen Glickman, Dr. John McDaniel

Emily J. Fickes (2012)
Effects of Interval Active-Assisted Cycling on Balance in Individual’s with Parkinson’s Disease
Director: Dr. Angela Ridgel

Amy J. Patrick-Melin (2011)
Effects of 7 Days Aerobic Exercise on Insulin Sensitivity, Oxidative Stress, TLR2/TLR4 Cell Surface Expression and Cytokine Secretion in Sedentary Obese Adults
Director: Michael Kalinski

Edward J. Ryan (2011)
Caffeine Timing and Cycling Performance
Director: Ellen L. Glickman

Chul-Ho-Kim (2011)
The Effects of Hypoxia and Exercise on Physiological and Cognitive Performance
Director: Ellen L. Glickman

Judith A. Juvancic-Heltzel (2010)
The Effect of Variety on the Reinforcing Value and Amount of Physical Activity in Children, Younger Adults and Older Adults
Director: Dr. Jacob Barkley, Dr. Ellen Glickman

Joan Malloy-McFall (2010)
Multi-Component Exercise Program in a Life- Care Community: For Adults 80 Years of Age and Older
Director: Dr. Ellen Glickman

David M. Bellar (2009)
The Relationship between Age, Cognitive Function, Cardiovascular Fitness, and serum Blood Markers of Cognitive Function in Healthy Older Adults
Director: Dr. Ellen Glickman

Tiffany A. Collinsworth (2009)
The Effects of 53 Hours of Sleep Deprivation on the Thermoregulatory, Metabolic, Hormonal and Cognitive Response of Young Adult Males to Recovery from Acute Cold Exposure
Director: Dr. Ellen Glickman

Vicki Haywood Doe (2009)
Effect of Cardiac Rehabilitation on Fitness, Depression and Perceived Exertion
Director: Dr. Ellen Glickman

Matthew D. Muller (2009)
The Influence of Interval vs. Continuous Exercise on Thermoregulation, Torso Hemodynamics, and Finger Dexterity in the Cold (5°C)
Directors: Dr. Ellen Glickman, Dr. Angela Ridgel

Katherine E. Pierce (2008)
The effects of 53 hours of sleep Deprivation on the Thermoregulatory, Metabolic, Hormonal and Cognitive Response of Young Adult Males To Multiple Bouts of acute Cold Exposure
Director: Dr. Ellen L. Glickman

Melissa A. Rittenhouse (2008)
The Effects of Peer influenced on the Amount of Physical Activity Performed in 8-11 Year Old Boys
Co directors: Dr. Jacob Barkley, Dr. Ellen Glickman

Gregory Farnell (2007)
The Effect of Body Composition on Thermal, Metabolic and Immunologic Responses of Low and High Fat Males to Cold Water Immersion
Director: Ellen L. Glickman

Leigh K. Murray (2006)
The Influence of Aspirin on the Thermoregulatory and Hematologic Factors of Low-Fit and High-Fit Males Following Acute Cold Exposure
Director: Ellen L. Glickman

Ronald Otterstetter (2004)
Effects of Aspirin on Thermoregulatory and Hematologic Responses of Males during Acute Cold Exposure
Director: Ellen L. Glickman

Edward S. Potkanowicz (2003)
The Influence of Ethnicity on Thermoregulation during Immersion in 20 and 27 C Water for 120-Minutes
Director: Ellen L. Glickman

Natalie Caine (2002)
The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on the Thermal, Metabolic, and Hormonal Response to Acute Cold Exposure
Director: Ellen L. Glickman

Nicole Mullins (2002)
The Effects of Resistance Training and Protein Supplementation on Bone Turnover in Young Adult Women
Director Wayne E. Sinning

Mark Blegen (2001)
The Immunological Responses to Exercise of Varying Intensities in Normoxic and Hypoxic Environments
Director: Ellen L. Glickman

Lonnie M. Lowery (2001)
Effects of Conjugated Linoleic Acid on Exercise-Induced Acute Phase Response in Recreationally Active Men
Director: Wayne E. Sinning

Jeffrey S. Lynn (2001)
Effects of Diet or Exercise on Visceral Adipose Tissue and Diabetes/Cardiovascular Disease Risks in Postmenopausal Women
Director: Wayne E. Sinning

Ronald W. Mendel (2000)
The Effects of Creatine Supplementation on Cardiovascular and Thermal Regulation during Exercise in 39° C
Director: Wayne E. Sinning

Frank A. Russo (2000)
Effects of High- and Low-Resistance Training on Muscle Function and Functional Fitness in Older Men
Director: Wayne E. Sinning

Christopher C. Cheatham (2000)
The Effects of Nicotine on the Physiological Responses during Acute Cold Exposure
Director: Ellen L. Glickman

Hyungsik Kang (2000)
Effects of Oral Medium-Chain Triacylglycerol Supplementation on Cycling Endurance Performance and Selected Hormonal Responses to Exercise
Director: Wayne E. Sinning

Phil Appicelli (1998)

Michael Rogers (1996)
Effects of Heavy Resistance Training on Skeletal Muscle Characteristics in Active Women, Age 63-77 Years
Director: Peter W.R. Lemon

Timothy N. Ziegenfuss (1996)
Effects of Creating Feeding on Protein Turnover, Skeletal Muscle Morphology, Cellular Hydration, and Anaerobic Power
Director: Peter W. R. Lemon

Amy L. Morgan (1995)
The Effects of Exercise and Exercise in the Heat on Body Fluid Distribution in the Aged
Director: Wayne E. Sinning

Ronald N. Cortright (1995)
Effects of Chronic Endurance Exercise or Diabetes on Growth and Body Composition in Males and Females
Director: Peter W.R. Lemon

David N. Proctor (1994)
Influence of Age and Aerobic Fitness on Peripheral Factors Affecting Oxygen Use
Director: Wayne E. Sinning

James N. Roemmich (1994)
Weight Loss Effects on Growth, Maturation, Growth Related Hormones, Protein Nutrition Markers, and Body Composition of Adolescent Wrestlers
Director: Wayne E. Sinning

Beverly M. Bowers (1992)
Alcohol-Induced Body Fluid Shifts during Exercise in a Hot Environment
Director: Wayne E. Sinning

Kathleen D. Little (1992)
Effects of Exercise Mode on Bone Mineral Mass in Recently Post-Menopausal Women
Director: Wayne E. Sinning

Patricia L. Dolan (1990)
Effects of Acute Exercise on Rates of Protein Synthesis and Degradation in Diabetic Skeletal Muscle
Director: Peter W.R. Lemon

Kitty A. Consolo (1990)
The Effects of Maximal Cycling Exercise on Pressor and Catecholamine Responses in Black and Caucasian Normotensive Males with and without Alpha-Adrenergic Blockade
Director: David T. Deutsch

Jacob E. Friedman (1989)
Effect of Exercise and Obesity on Skeletal Muscle Amino Acid Uptake
Director: Peter W. R. Lemon

Morris M. Chaney III (1989)
The Effect of Oral Arginine, Age, and Exercise on Growth Hormone, Insulin, and Blood Glucose
Director: David T. Deutsch

R. Scott Van Zant (1989)
Effect of Glucose and Fructose Pre-Exercise Feedings on Muscle Glycogen and Protein Catabolism during Endurance Exercise
Director: Peter W.R. Lemon

Bruce A. Sherman (1987)
Effects of Mode of Post Marathon Run Recovery on Skeletal Muscle Enzyme Activity in Serum and Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
Director: Peter W. R. Lemon

David L. Weldy (1986)
Autoregulation of Hindlimb Blood Flow in Conscious Dogs during Rest and Exercise
Director: Wayne E. Sinning, Steven Britton

Donald K. Shaw (1986)
Effect of Phase I Cardiac Rehabilitation on Selected Physiological Variables in Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Patients
Director: David T. Deutsch

Anthony C. Hackney (1986)
Effects of Chronic Endurance Exercise upon Blood Testosterone Levels and the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Gonadal Axis in Trained Males
Director: Wayne E. Sinning

Kevin E. Yarasheski (1986)
Effects of Heavy Exercise Resistance Training during Growth on Skeletal Muscle Fiber Composition
Director: Peter W. R. Lemon

Dennis G. Dolny (1985)
Effects of Ambient Temperature on Protein Utilization during Prolonged Exercise
Director: Peter W. R. Lemon

William D. Gilman (1984)
The Relationship between Serum Free Fatty Acid Concentration and the Lactate Threshold at Three Ambient Temperatures
Director: Peter W. R. Lemon

Linda S. Lamont (1984)
Effects of the Menstrual Cycle on Protein Metabolism during Exercise
Director: Peter W. R. Lemon

Judy R. Wilson (1984)
Temperature and Posture Effects on Lung Volumes and Blood Volume Indicators during Prolonged Exercise
Directors: Wayne E. Sinning, David T. Deutsch

Warren R. Payne (1983)
The Effect of Endurance Exercise on Left Ventricular Function in the Genetically Obese Zucker Rat
Director: Peter W. R. Lemon, Norman F. Paradise

Steven F. Siconolfi (1982)
The Role of Selected Hormones in the Control of Blood Pressure after Prolonged Exercise
Director: Dr. Wayne E. Sinning, Dr. Peter W. R. Lemon

Glenn Patrick Town (1981)
Specificity of Training Effects on Selected Organ Systems as Measured by Serum Enzymes
Director: Dr. Wayne E. Sinning

Timothy R. McConnell (1981)
Exercise and Temperature Effects on Sperm Production and Plasma Testosterone Levels in Humans
Director: Dr. Wayne E. Sinning

John Robert Keener (1980)
Cardiovascular and Thermoregulatory Response to Prolonged Exercise Performed in Air and Water Environments
Director: Dr. Wayne E. Sinning

Neil Sol (1980)
Physiological Response to Exercise of Selected Muscle Groups of the Upper and Lower Limbs
Director: Dr. Wayne E. Sinning

Emmanuel B. Osei-Antwi (1979)
Recovery Lactate Removal in Fatigued and Non-Fatigued Muscle
Director: Dr. Wayne E. Sinning

Paul M. Couzelis (1976)
Circadian Variability of the Cardiorespiratory System during Submaximal Exercise
Director: Dr. Lawrence A. Golding

Patricia J. Campobello McSwegin (1976)
Heart Rate and Oxygen Uptake Responses to Treadmill Running, Free Swimming, and Tethered Swimming in Adult Males
Director: Dr. Lawrence A. Golding, Dr. David R. Pendergast

David L. Lawson (1975)
Physiological Parameters Limiting Performance in Middle Distance and Sprint Running
Director: Lawrence A. Golding

Peter J. Van Handel (1975)
Uptake and Utilization of Exogenous Glucose during Endurance Exercise
Director: Dr. Lawrence A. Golding, Dr. David L. Costill

James A. Schwane (1974)
The Effects of Exercise on Serum Lactate Dehydrogenase Isoenzymes and Other Selected Serum Enzymes
Director: Dr. Lawrence A. Golding

Nancy K. Butts (1974)
Effects of Smoking Withdrawal on the Physiological Adaption to Training and Exercise of Chronic Smokers
Director: Dr. Lawrence A. Golding

Robert L. McFarland (1973)
Effects of a Reduced Oxygen Mixture and Vigorous Exercise on Altitude Acclimatization
Director: Dr. Lawrence A. Golding

Larry A. Bjurstrom (1973)
The Relationship of Selected Serum Nonprotein Nitrogen Parameters and the Onset of Physiological Fatigue in Man
Director: Dr. Lawrence A. Golding

Patricia A. Eisenman (1973)
A Comparison of the Effects of Training on Aerobic Capacity in Girls and Young Women
Director: Dr. Lawrence A. Golding

William C. Day (1973)
Relationship of Maximal Oxygen Uptake and Endurance Capacity in Endurance Trained and Non-Endurance Trained Subjects
Director: Dr. Paul M. Ribisl

William B. Zuti (1972)
The Effect of Exercise and Diet on Body Composition of Adult Women during Weight Reduction
Director: Dr. Lawrence A. Golding

Jacqueline L. Puhl (1972)
Application of Liquid Crystal Thermography to Exercise Thermoregulation
Director: Dr. Lawrence A. Golding

Larry R. Gettman (1971)
Influence of Body Weight and Physical Condition on Bicycle and Treadmill Submaximal Work
Director: Dr. Lawrence A. Golding

William G. Herbert (1971)
The Effect of Various Degrees of Rapid Weight Reduction and Rehydration upon Plasma Volume, Cardiovascular Function and Physical Performance
Director: Dr. Paul M Ribisl

Gerald P. Graham (1971)
The Effect of D-amphetamine Sulfate on Integrated Action Potentials and Local Muscular Fatigue
Director: Dr. Ronald Bos