Doctoral Internship Information

The Doctoral Internship in school psychology follows the satisfactory completion of all coursework and practica (including advanced practicum). In addition, doctoral students are expected to successfully complete their Comprehensive Exams prior to beginning their Doctoral Internship. The doctoral internship experience will provide for:

  • A range of leadership experiences consistent with doctoral training in school psychology. A variety of approved settings may be appropriate for the doctoral internship, including school-based settings and non-school-based settings (i.e., hospitals, mental health centers).
    • School-Based Doctoral-Level Internship: Students without a previous, specialist-level internship and current Ohio Department of Education Professional License in School Psychology must plan to complete their doctoral internship in an approved school-based setting. For students completing these requirements in Ohio, the internship must include a full academic year (a minimum of 1500 hours) in an approved school setting, and must conform to the Ohio Internship in School Psychology guidelines.
    • Non-School-Based Doctoral-Level Internship: Students who have completed a previous, specialist-level internship and possess a current credentialing as a school psychologist, may chose to complete a doctoral level internship in a non-school-based setting. A non-school-based internship requires at least 1800 hours of work, over no more than a 2-year period. Of these hours, 1500 must occur in school psychology, and 375 hours must comprise direct client contact. Teaching and research components, when included, must concern the professional practice of school psychology, comprise no more than 540 hours of the required 1800 hours, and not count as a substitute for the direct client contact hours.
  • Appropriate supervision by a licensed psychologist. For the doctoral level, supervision must meet the requirements set forth by both the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Council of Directors School Psychology Programs (CDSPP). These requirements call for supervision to be provided by a doctoral-level licensed psychologist. For students completing their internship in Ohio, the supervisor must have earned his or her doctorate and must possess either the Psychologist License or the School Psychologist License from the Ohio State Board of Psychology.

The doctoral internship experience must be described in a detailed contract signed by the doctoral intern, the intern supervisor, and the university supervisor. In addition, students completing their internships in Ohio will arrange to register intern supervision with the Ohio State Board of Psychology.


  • For detailed information about the Ph.D. program in School Psychology, please see the program handbook.