Ph.D. Program Plan of Study

Year 1: First year coursework provides an orientation to the profession of school psychology, as well as the foundations for professional practice. The Master's of Education (M.Ed.) Degree in School Psychology is awarded upon successful completion of all required courses.

Year 2: Second year coursework focuses attention on the development of professional competencies, as well as an integration of knowledge and skills necessary for professional practice.

Year 3: Third year coursework provides additional advanced study and experiences in school psychology consistent with doctoral themes for research, leadership, and supervision as approved and reflected on the students Plan of Study. Typically, students complete their doctoral comprehensive exams and advance to candidacy at the conclusion of year three.

Years 4 and 5: Fourth and fifth years of study include the successful completion of dissertation research and a full-year doctoral internship. Years 4 and 5 can be switched depending on the student's desire for research completion, as well as with any requirements at APPIC/APA internship sites that may require an accepted dissertation proposal prior to beginning internship.