Technology Competencies

Since schools are reliant on technology to support information access and dissemination, it is crucial that school psychologists-in-training develop a professional skill set in computer & technology use.

The development of skills associated with the efficient use of the emergent technologies — as tools to enhance professional productivity — requires the investment of practice & significant concerted effort. The learning curve from beginner to expert is not always fast nor is it routinely comfortable; however, the skills required to manipulate the contemporary 'information explosion' are prerequisites to professional competence in school psychology.

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The KSU program has established a menu of technology-related activities viewed as essential in this skill area. Mastery of the ‘information technology domain’ is viewed by NASP as a fundamental training domain.

Above you'll find a self-assessment measure. Each school psychologist-in-training should regularly re-visit this matrix to ensure that there is a consistent growth in skill development — such that by the time the student approaches the specialist level internship all these skills have been mastered at least to a level significantly beyond familiarity and approaching expertise. It is expected that the skills necessary for the application of all these skills into workplace-activities will have been established prior to beginning the internship.