Undergraduate FAQs

Q:  Why major in computing?

A:  The ACM's Top 10 Reasons to Major in Computing answers this question.  Also, see the Computing Disciplines & Majors links for a contrast of CS, IS, and IT.

Q:  How do I officially declare that I am a CS major?

A:  Instructions are on the Advising web page.

Q:  Is there a computer science student organization or club?

A:  Yes, there are two! Check out the ACM Student Chapter and Hacksu student organization.

Q:  How do I subscribe to the CS undergraduate email list?

A:  Follow the instructions at the listmail page or send email from your KSU email address (to make sure we get the right name) to ugradinfo@cs.kent.edu.

Graduate Student FAQs

Q:   When is the deadline to apply for a graduate degree program?

A:   Applications for admission are processed when they arrive.

Q:  How should I apply?

A:  Applicants can apply online. Please see admission requirements and how to apply.

Q:  Do I have to file an application for assistantship along with the application for admission?

A:  No. All applications for admission are evaluated for assistantship as well, but at different time; October for Spring and March for Fall.

Q:  Is GRE required for admission?

A:  No. GRE is not required, but recommended.

KSU Math and Computer Science Systems FAQs