When using your GPS audit you will see your Catalog Year displayed in the Degree bar. If your Catalog TERM, as shown on FlashFast, is a Spring or Summer term, the Catalog Year will be the prior Fall semester.

For technical questions or issues related to accessing GPS, please contact the HelpDesk (330-672-HELP).

To ensure full and proper functionality when accessing GPS, Chrome, Edge, and Safari are all supported.

Look in the degree and major boxes at the top of your degree audit. If you have two different degrees, click on the dropdown for “Degree” to see each one separately.  If there are multiple majors with the same degree, the majors will be listed in the student information block of the audit and the requirements will be combined within the...

Look at all the boxes in each block of your audit. If there is a green checkmark the requirement is complete. If there is a blue tilde that means the requirement is planned on your degree Plan or is in progress. Remaining red checkboxes indicate that the requirement has not been met. Be sure to verify your progress toward graduation with...

Always contact your advisor if you find an error in your audit or Plan.

In your degree audit, click on the "Class History" link at the top of the page.  This will provide a chronological list of all courses you have completed and the grades you have earned.

You should contact your advisor to initiate an official program change. They are listed on your degree audit, or contact your advising office.

You can run a “What-If” audit, found in the left-side of the GPS Audit tab in your degree audit.  Add your intended degree, major, college, etc. to the fields requested then click the "Process What-If" button. The results will show how your completed courses apply and what remains to be taken. For additional information, click here.

Your advisor is listed at the top of your degree audit and their name is linked directly to their email. If there is no advisor listed, contact your advising office.