Yes.  There are five specializations (majors) within the MPH program at KSU, each of which has the same core set of classes, so changing from one to another can be done easily. As long as you have enough time to complete the required classes for the specialization you want to graduate with, switching should not be a problem. 

The five core specializations (majors) are:

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A standardized graduate exam is required for admission to KSU’s MPH programs, but it does not have to be the GRE. It can also be the LSAT, MCAT, MA or other standardized exam. Preferential consideration will be given to applicants with a combined qualitative and quantitative score of at least 295-300 and in the 50th percentile.

Below is a complete list of the minimum requirements for entering any KSU Ohio MPH program:

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Yes. However, the KSU public health program does not guarantee every course will be taught every semester. Careful planning and advising is strongly recommended to make sure you can graduate in the time frame you have in mind while taking public health courses part-time.

Visit the public health advising department webpage to get assistance and learn more about course/semester planning.

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Public health is the science, art and practice of protecting and improving the health of the population. The goal of the industry is to make the conditions in which people live as healthy as possible. This may involve improving current conditions, protecting people from risks or developing plans to handle emergency situations.

Some of the things public health professionals are responsible for include:

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