Make and Create

Get creative

It’s important that fashion graduates have experience using all kinds of technologies to prepare for life in this forward-thinking industry. And here is your chance to develop your digital skills. Using the TechStyleLAB, you can have some fun creating different styles and garments as you explore digital ways to bring your designs to life. 

Not sure what you want to make first? Ask us for inspiration – the TechStyleLAB is a collaborative space. 

The Digital Side of Fashion

Our tools are already being used at the cutting edge of the fashion industry. As companies look for ways to create garments more productively, cost-effectively, and sustainably, these technologies are providing an innovative and practical answer. 

By making the most of everything digitalization has to offer as a student, you’ll boost your resume and portfolio to land that job when you graduate. So, get involved and don’t be afraid to make mistakes – it’s all part of the hands-on learning experience.