Christopherson Business Travel (CBT)’s robust and innovative travel management technology, ensures Kent State employees discounted airfare guarantees, best available hotel rates, spend tracking, unused ticket reporting and notifications, price matching, and offers experienced travel advisors available 365/24/7 with dedicated online and phone support.

How Do I Book Travel? 

You may book travel through the CBT’s Airportal web link or by contacting CBT directly for agent-assisted help and customization (fees may apply).  Although employees are auto-enrolled into the Christopherson Business Travel system through a weekly file transfer by the Division of Information Technology, users must set up their profile before booking and include any TSA pre-check numbers or frequent flier numbers. 

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To reach a CBT booking agent, at any time:

Christopherson Agent Team 
Advisor Group - University Team: 800-285-3603   

How to Set Up Your Profile

  1. Log in via: AirPortal through FlashLine by searching "Christopherson Business Travel" in the search field of FlashLine
  2. A notice for new users will appear at the top of the dashboard advising profile update.
  3. Review and update information has needed.  Disabled fields (gray) cannot be changed. If there are errors in these fields, ESPECIALLY THE NAME FIELDS, please contact Kent State's HR department or the Christopherson Online Tech Support:

Hours: 9 a.m.  – 7 p.m. ET, Monday - Friday
Online Tech Support: 888-535-0179  

The information in the system is incorrect, who do I contact?

The information is a reflection of Banner data.  You may need to reach out to HR for Banner data revisions or the Christopherson Business Travel Online Support, Monday – Friday between 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. ET either by phone: 888-535-0179  or email: 

I book complex trips for various people; can I speak with an agent directly to assist in my booking? 

Absolutely and encouraged!  An agency-assisted fee will apply; however, you may speak to a live representative at:  

I book for multiple people in my department; can I still do that with Christopherson?

Yes, just email with the names and email addresses of those whose travel you will be managing and you will receive the Travel Arranger permission and role.   

It's important to note that pre-approvals for managed travelers is still required whether you are paying expenses by P-card for their travel or the traveler will be reimbursed for expenses. Faculty and/or staff can delegate internal staff within the Chrome River Expense Reimbursement to manage their account. This includes obtaining the required pre-approval (or pre-authorization) code for travel and/or uploading receipts for reimbursement. More information can you found on the Accounts Payable website for Travel and Expense.

How can I book GUEST (university-paid for visitors, guests, speakers, students) travel?  

If you need to book GUESTS, contact Christopherson with your request. 

Guest bookings or non-profiled travelers, such as students, interviewees, guest speakers, recruits etc… Best Practice for Guest Travel bookings is to designate one person in the department or college for guest booking privileges.   This permission is given in Concur Travel.  By limiting the number of Kent employees able to book for a guest traveler you reduce your fraud risk.  If they are not booking through the Concur website, the Kent State person could call a CBT Travel Advisor and state they were booking a guest traveler and give the name of the person that authorized it and we would send a copy of the itinerary to the person booking the trip and to the person that authorized it.  The Kent sponsor will need to have the guest’s full legal name, date of birth, gender and any university required fields ready when booking the trip. 

Departments may use their purchasing card to arrange and pay for guest flights. No authorization code is required; however, use code "99999999999999" when asked by Christopherson. The Enterprise employee vehicle rental code should not be provided to guests for travel; however, is a reimbursable transaction to the guest. All reimbursed expenses can be submitted to Accounts Payable as a "one-time vendor" payment. Contact with questions.

My department has multiple travel contracts with other vendors.  Does this contract void those?

No. Current standing contracts will remain. Additionally, Procurement is willing to help source any other group travel needs you might have or require other specializations. 

There are many benefits for you and your department when booking through Christopherson Business Travel: 

  • Duty-of-care through SecurityLogic: Christopherson make alternative travel arrangements or assist with required ground services such as hotels and transportation. 
  • Use of pre-authorized codes for quick bookings. 
  • Share your planned itinerary, with colleagues, other travelers and emergency contacts, is built-in and gives them important information in one concise communication. 
  • Real time access to all available flights and fares through a single online resource for booking airfare, lodging and rental car in the same reservation, including our preferred airline, United, and other contracted airlines. 
  • AirBank: CBT’s Unused airline ticket tracker audits and enforces reuse of funds at booking to cut costs and eliminate waste  
  • Assistance with Passports and Visas!  
  • CBT’s online booking tool securely manages your traveler profile including P-Card & personal credit card information, frequent flyer and loyalty program information, emergency contacts, travel history. Repeat trips are easier to rebook! 
  • Since they’re our contracted travel supplier, Procurement will not have to bid out your large, complex travel; instead, simply contact their Group Travel desk. 
  • Christopherson provides exclusive access to negotiated airline discounts with preferred carriers, negotiated hotel discounts, and discount rental car rates. These discounts are not available through other agencies, internet sites, or airline web sites. 
  • Airline tickets can be voided within 24 hours of purchase with no airline penalties. When flights are changed, cancelled, or otherwise delayed, Christopherson provides 24/7 support, including an emergency after-hours desk.

Kent State University utilizes the IUC-PG contract as mandated by the Governor through the Efficiency and Effectiveness Task Force.  Under this agreement, fees when booking should be expected as such:

Christopherson Business Travel Fees

Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if travel must be cancelled, either by the employee, department, or event?

The traveler can cancel their trip themselves if they booked it in Concur Travel.  If they booked it with a CBT Travel Advisor, they would just call and ask for it to be cancelled.  All cancellations should go through Concur travel or CBT.  Do not call the airlines directly as CBT will not be able to capture that information in their system since they did not do the cancellation.   When a ticket is cancelled it will turn into an unused ticket and will be managed in AirBank.  If the ticket happens to be refundable, CBT will make sure it gets refunded.

I booked travel, but need to cancel. It’s been less than 24 hours; can I get my associated CBT fees credited? 

Fees are not waived for cancellations within 24 hours.  However, many airlines offer no fees to change a reservation.

Car Rentals: Can they be booked through the Christopherson Booking Tool?

Yes.  But for reimbursement purposes only.  And, upon check-in, you must request the PAI added to the rental.  The Direct Bill procedure has not changed.

Costs for airfare: Will booking airfare through Christopherson cost more than other travel booking websites?

Flights booked through CBT should cost the same or less than other third-party websites.  Additionally, Kent State University has negotiated a discounted airfare rate with United and its participating international airlines.   

While exceptions may exist, these third party or “sale” deals usually involve conditions such as nonrefundable fares and hidden costs.  Also, these third-party websites and airlines do not offer premium cancellation support or emergency assistance.  The risk and liability remain with the traveler. 

In-state travel: does it require use of CBT Services?

Please use Christopherson when booking complete trips, overnight hotel only, one-day airfare or non-contracted travel.  The Kent State Hotel in downtown Kent may also be booked through Christopherson, as our contracted university rates have been established within the program.

International trips: are there additional considerations?

 If you are traveling internationally, you are required to notify the Office of Compliance and Risk Management every time you travel out of the continental United States and Canada for business travel.  Please review the University Travel Manual for additional information.

Personal credit cards & P-cards

Can I use my personal credit card to book my business-related travel?

Please refer to the University Travel Manual for the acceptable payment methods by travel expense type.

I have an airline credit card that allows me free seat selection and checked bags. Is that an issue?

The Ohio Revised Code section 102.03 prohibits public employees (this includes Kent State University employees) from accruing a personal benefit from business conducted on behalf of the University. Any miles, rewards, or points earned while traveling on business belong to the university.

Per policy, 7-02.8(D)(1)(b): All travel services must be purchased through from a university approved travel services provider when one exists.

If a traveler would like to use their personal credit card's benefit, the traveler must first book through the university's contracted travel services provider using their own personal credit card. Then, call their airline with their confirmation code to add in seat selection or baggage.

It should be noted, from the Travel Manual: Baggage fees and ticket change fees are allowable travel expenses when there is a reasonable business-related justification. Other airfare add-on and upgrade fees (seat assignments and upgrades, air WiFi, etc.) are not allowable travel expenses.

Christopherson asks me to load a credit card for payment holds. I don’t want to use my personal credit card for travel purposes.  What are my options?

For airfare, you should consider your department’s purchasing card with support from the cardholder.  Same with hotel reservations.  However, as hotels require credit cards upon check-in, call the hotel in advance of booking and request an authorization form.  Many hotels will allow their customers to fax a form, signed by the pcard holder, authorizing the use of their pcard on stay, tax and parking transactions.  Vehicle rentals are currently by expense reimbursement only; taxes will apply and are reimbursable.  The use of the direct bill code will be limited, granted on a case-by-case basis and booked direct through the Enterprise website.   

How do I use our departmental purchasing card (p-card) to make a hotel reservation?

Contact the desired hotel prior to booking through Christopherson Business Travel.  Request an authorization form to use a department credit card.  Note, sales tax should not be applied when using departmental purchasing card.  Some hotels may not have the ability to use a pre-authorization form.  It’s always best to call ahead and explain your need.  If the hotel allows pre-authorization to use a credit card in someone else’s name, be sure to call to confirm receipt of the form prior to travel.  

Student employees: are they permitted to book through Christopherson Business Travel?

All eligible employees should book using CBT. Understand some hotels have minimum age requirements, as do vehicle rental companies.  Additionally, students are not permitted to drive a university vehicle unless specific authorization is granted by the department head and verification of valid driver's license is conducted.   

Graduate assistants are considered eligible.