Travel & Expense

Chrome River TEM - Coming Soon!

What is Chrome River TEM?

Chrome River TEM is a travel and expense management system. During the summer of 2020, it will go live, replacing the university's expense reimbursement workflow with a modern end-to-end travel and expense solution. The system includes expense preapproval functionality, the ability to attach electronic documents, improved (and more transparent) approval routing, built-in reporting, and so much more. It will enhance the university's ability to manage travel costs, identify opportunities for potential travel-related price negotiations, and will improve the user experience when requesting reimbursement.

What does It look like?

This video shows a general overview of Chrome River's interface. The version that you see once we go live this summer will vary somewhat, based on the university's reporting needs, but the general interface and functionality will remain the same.

PROJECT Timeline

  • January 2019 - RFP issued
  • February 2019 - proposals due
  • July 2019 - contract signed
  • November 2019 - implementation started
  • March-April 2020 - Sprint 1 testing
  • May 2020 - Sprint 2 testing
  • June 2020 - Sprint 3 testing
  • Early July 2020 - go live decision
  • August 2020 - university go live



Expense Reimbursement Workflow

Expense Reimbursement Workflow

The expense reimbursement workflow enables Kent State University employees to submit reimbursement requests via the web. Forms may be initiated and submitted from computers both on and off campus. Reimbursements may be reviewed, approved, and returned for edit only from on-campus and VPN-connected off-campus computers. The workflow can be accessed in FlashLine by typing "expense reimbursement workflow" in the search bar, or by clicking the link to the left of this description.

Workflow guide

Guide to using the expense reimbursement workflow.



Policy & Procedure
Travel & Expense Forms, Rates, and Tools

Expense reimbursement (paper form)

Use this form when seeking reimbursement for items that cannot be submitted through the electronic expense reimbursement system. This includes individual memberships and subscriptions as well as travel advance reconciliations when returning funds to the university.

Foreign Currency Converter

Use when converting expenses from foreign currency to USD.

Meal and Lodging Per Diem Rates

These files list the reimbursement rates currently in use by the university.

Mileage Rates

IRS standard automobile mileage rates for business miles driven (based on dates of travel):

  • January 1, 2020 forward - 57.5 cents per mile
  • January 1 through December 31, 2019 - 58.0 cents per mile

travel advance request form

Use this form when requesting a cash advance for group travel.