Using the Pre-Authorization Code

Pre-approval of travel is the method by which Kent State University can authorize a business trip before it occurs.  It alerts supervisors to the pending expense that will occur and when it will take place.  The pre-approval will apply to all known costs associated with the travel, including airfare, lodging, vehicle rental, conference fees, estimated food based on per diem rates and any other expense associated with the business travel.   

The process has been developed by Accounts Payable with the new Chrome River Expense Reimbursement program.  All overnight travel and all air travel must be pre-approved within Chrome River and assigned a ‘one-time use only’ pre-approval code.  

Review the Chrome River Manual to understand mileage rates, per diem food allowances, and how to obtain the pre-approval code.  This code is needed to complete booking within the Christopherson Business Travel – Concur online booking tool and entered into the Chrome River Pre-approval Number field to continue booking.

One-day travel bookings do not require pre-approval; however, must use code “999999999999" to process bookings in this field or over-the-phone with a CBT travel assistant.  Booking trips on behalf of guests should also use the same code.

A training video is offered to all employees and posted to the Accounts Payable Travel & Expense website with more information.