Personal Travel

Will I be able to book personal travel through Christopherson Business Travel? 

Yes, Christopherson Business Travel is available for leisure travel and to coordinate additional travelers(such as when traveling with a partner/child or adding additional vacation days on to the beginning or end of the trip). However, you may not use the online tool.  Rather, call them with your personal travel inquiry at 800-285-3603.  You must note personal travel when booking.  

Can I combine business travel with personal travel? 

Yes; however, in accordance with leave policies.  Any cost variance in expenses such as airfare, vehicle rental, and/or lodging must be clearly identified, acknowledged and approved by your director and well documented to validate the personal time does not add additional cost or use funds from the university.  Christopherson’s agents can split any transactions between the business payment and personal credit card for the additional cost due to personal time (with the exception of certain airlines).

Is there a vehicle rental discount for employees for personal use? 

Yes; KSU Employees may receive a discount on personal rentals from Enterprise. Vehicles rented in the State of Ohio receive a larger discount than rentals obtained outside of Ohio. Rentals outside of the State of Ohio have discounted a percentage off of the retail rate and the percentage may vary from state to state. Vehicles rented from an airport location are generally higher than rentals in a non-airport location. Rentals for personal use must be in the employee’s name and proper employment documentation must be provided upon check-in. To obtain university negotiated pricing, please contact Procurement at to request the personal-use customer code and information needed to make your reservation