Employee Reimbursement

Chrome River TEM

What is Chrome River TEM?

Chrome River TEM is a travel and expense management system. The system includes expense preapproval functionality, the ability to attach electronic documents, improved (and more transparent) approval routing, built-in reporting, and so much more. It will enhances the university's ability to manage travel costs, identify opportunities for potential travel-related price negotiations, and will improve the user experience when requesting reimbursement.


Kent State Resources

Chrome River Resources - To access, login to Chrome River, click on the Help button (question mark with a circle around it) in the upper right of the screen, and search for the following underlined key phrases.

  • Videos
    • Quick-Start - general overview of Chrome River
    • Create pre-approval - how to create a pre-approval report
    • Create report - how to create an expense report
    • Approve in app - how to approve expense reports within Chrome River
  • Written Instructions
    • Hotel expense - how to add and itemize hotel expenses to an expense report
    • Mileage expense - how to add mileage to a report
    • Per diem expense - how to add meal per diems to an expense report
    • Approve pre-approvals - how to approve pre-approval reports by email or in Chrome River
    • Approve via email - how to approve expense reports via email
    • Attaching receipts and documents
      • Add images - how to add images directly to reports
      • Receipt transactions - how to email receipts to your receipt gallery for later use



Expense Reimbursement Workflow

Expense Reimbursement Workflow

The expense reimbursement workflow enables Kent State University employees to submit reimbursement requests via the web. Forms may be initiated and submitted from computers both on and off campus. Reimbursements may be reviewed, approved, and returned for edit only from on-campus and VPN-connected off-campus computers. The workflow can be accessed in FlashLine by typing "expense reimbursement workflow" in the search bar, or by clicking the link to the left of this description.

Workflow guide

Guide to using the expense reimbursement workflow.



Policy & Procedure