Booking Travel for Others

I book complex trips for various people; can I speak with an agent directly to assist in my booking? 

Absolutely and encouraged!  An agency-assisted fee will apply; however, you may speak to a live representative at:  

I book for multiple people in my department; can I still do that with Christopherson?

Yes, just email with the names and email addresses of those whose travel you will be managing and you will receive the Travel Arranger permission and role.   

It's important to note that pre-approvals for managed travelers is still required whether you are paying expenses by P-card for their travel or the traveler will be reimbursed for expenses. Faculty and/or staff can delegate internal staff within the Chrome River Expense Reimbursement to manage their account. This includes obtaining the required pre-approval (or pre-authorization) code for travel and/or uploading receipts for reimbursement. More information can you found on the Accounts Payable website for Travel and Expense.

How can I book GUEST (university-paid for visitors, guests, speakers, students) travel?  

If you need to book GUESTS, contact Christopherson with your request. 

Guest bookings or non-profiled travelers, such as students, interviewees, guest speakers, recruits etc… Best Practice for Guest Travel bookings is to designate one person in the department or college for guest booking privileges.   This permission is given in Concur Travel.  By limiting the number of Kent employees able to book for a guest traveler you reduce your fraud risk.  If they are not booking through the Concur website, the Kent State person could call a CBT Travel Advisor and state they were booking a guest traveler and give the name of the person that authorized it and we would send a copy of the itinerary to the person booking the trip and to the person that authorized it.  The Kent sponsor will need to have the guest’s full legal name, date of birth, gender and any university required fields ready when booking the trip. 

Departments may use their purchasing card to arrange and pay for guest flights. No authorization code is required; however, use code "99999999999999" when asked by Christopherson. The Enterprise employee vehicle rental code should not be provided to guests for travel; however, is a reimbursable transaction to the guest. All reimbursed expenses can be submitted to Accounts Payable as a "one-time vendor" payment. Contact with questions.

My department has multiple travel contracts with other vendors.  Does this contract void those?

No. Current standing contracts will remain. Additionally, Procurement is willing to help source any other group travel needs you might have or require other specializations.