Data Management

Our Specialties

Data curation

Data curation is the collection and maintenance of certain datasets to meet the needs of a specific audience. This is primarily the management of metadata through the use of various data catalogs and the tools necessary to search through these sets of information and meta-information. Our faculty understand getting meta with data.

Faculty experts

Dr. Karen F. Gracy Dr. Heather Soyka

Selected Publications

  • Gracy, K. F., Zeng, M. L., Skirvin, L. (2013, October). Exploring methods to improve access to music by connecting library data to linked data: A report of methodologies and preliminary findings. Journal of the American Society of Information Science & Technology, 64(10), 2078-99.

Knowledge Management 

Knowledge Management is a multidisciplinary approach to facilitating organizational objectives through the use of knowledge within an organization.

Faculty expert

Dr. Kendra Albright

Research Data Management

Research Data Management is the effective, efficient, sustainable, and ethical handling of data at every stage of its lifecycle in the research project in order to maximize resources, ensure retrieval success, and meet funders’ and publishers’ requirements. It considers the tools and strategies best suited for the organization, storage, preservation, and sharing of research data.

Faculty expert

Dr. Heather Soyka

Selected Publications

  • Soyka, H. (2018). Seeking sustainability and inclusivity with transparent practices for Research Data Management. Research Library Issues, 296, 49-52.
  • Soyka, H., Budden, A., Hutchison, V., Bloom, D., Duckles, J., Hodge, A., Mayernik, M., Poisot, T., Rauch, S., Steinhart, G., Wasser, L., Whitmire, A., Wright, S. (2017). Using peer review to support development of community resources for Research Data Management. Journal of eScience Librarianship, 6(2).
  • Hou, C.Y., Soyka, H., Hutchison, V., Serna, I., Allen, C., Budden, A. (2017). Evaluating the effectiveness of data management training. International Journal of Digital Curation, 12(2), 47-60.

Faculty Experts