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Children’s Information Behavior (Needs, Seeking, and Use)

The study of children’s information behaviors considers (1) what information children seek, (2) how they find it, and (3) how they use it both in formal educational settings and in their everyday lives. It involves thorough exploration of the diverse internal and external factors that influence children’s interactions with information such as their developmental stages, culture, and learning environment (virtual or physical).

Faculty Experts

Dr. Katie Campana  Dr. Marianne Martens

Selected Publications

  • Martens, M., Rinnert, G. C., & Andersen, C. (2018, December). Child-Centered design: Developing an inclusive letter writing app. Frontiers in Psychology (Special edition on Human Computer Interaction: Interactive Digital Technologies and Early Childhood).
  • Martens, M. (2012). Issues of access and usability in designing digital resources for children. Library and Information Science Research, 34(3), p. 159-168.

Children’s Services

This includes services geared towards children ages 0-14 and their caregivers at school libraries, public libraries, and museums. We explore measures of effectiveness, evolving goals and objectives, and the development of professional competencies required for quality children’s services.

Faculty Experts

Dr. Katie Campana  Dr. Marianne Martens  Dr. Meghan Harper

Cover of Create, Innovate, & Serve

Selected Publications

  • Campana, K. (2020). As easy as 1, 2, 3: Exploring early math in public library storytimes. The Library Quarterly, 90(1), 20-37.
  • Campana, K., & Mills, J.E. (Eds.) (2019). Create, innovate, and serve: A radical approach to children’s and youth programming. ALA Neal-Schuman.
  • Campana, K., Kociubuk, J., & Mills, J.E. (2019). Making space for storytime: The role of the environment in the production of storytime. Public Library Quarterly, 39(2), 140-156.
  • Cahill, M., Joo, S., & Campana, K. (2018). Analysis of language use in public library storytimes. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, 1-9.
  • Harper. M. (2011). Reference sources and services for youth. New York, NY: Neal-Schuman Publishers. ISBN: 978-1-55570-641-8.
  • Mills, J. E., Campana, K., Bayo, I., Capps, J. L., Carlyle, A., Metoyer, C., . . . Kotrla, B. (2018). Early literacy in library storytimes, Part 2: A quasi-experimental study and intervention with children’s storytime providers. The Library Quarterly, 88(2), 160-176.

Children's Literature & Services in the Digital Age

We’re interested in the educational, affective, and social facets of young people’s interactions with their digital information landscape. We explore how youth locate information within, interact with, and contribute to their digital world. We’re also interested in children and their families’ evolving media needs and the extent to which information professionals are responding to these needs.

Faculty Experts

Dr. Katie Campana  Dr. Marianne Martens

Cover of The Forever Fandom of Harry Potter

Selected Publications

  • Campana, K., Mills, J. E., Martens, M., & Haines, C. (2019). Where are we now? The evolving use of new media with young children in libraries. Children and Libraries, 17(4), 23-32.
  • Martens, M. (2019). The forever fandom of Harry Potter: Balancing fan agency and corporate control. Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 978-1108469883
  • Martens, M. (2017). “An Entry-Level Field:” A California case study on new media in youth services programming. The New Review of Children’s Literature and Librarianship, 23(1), p. 1-23.
  • Martens, M. (2016, July). Publishers, readers, and digital engagement: Participatory forums and young adult publishing. Palgrave, Macmillan as part of the New Directions in Book History Series.
  • Martens, M. (2014). Reading and gamification: Joining guilds, earning badges, and leveling up: Gamified reading for young people. Children & Libraries: The Journal of the Association for Library Service to Children, 12(4), pp. 19-25.

Resources & Services for Young Adults

We incorporate the latest research on teen development, teen information behaviors, and environmental trends into our exploration, evaluation, and advocacy for young adult services and collections.

Unraveling Cover

Faculty & Staff Experts

Michelle Baldini Mary Anne Nichols  Dr. Marianne Martens

Selected Publications

  • Baldini, M., & Biederman, L. (2008). Unraveling. Delacorte Books for Young Readers.
  • Nichols, M. A. (2019). Research roundup: Connecting with teens outside of the library. YALS (the Official Journal of YALSA), 18(1), 7-8.
    Cover of Young Adult and Public Libraries Handbook
  • Nichols, M. A. & Brodie, C. (2011). Picture perfect: Picture books for Teens. VOYA, 34(5), 442-444.
  • Nichols, M. A. (2002). Merchandising library materials to young adults. Libraries Unlimited.
  • Nichols, M .A, & Nichols, C. A. (Eds.). (1998). Young adults and public libraries: A handbook of materials and services. Greenwood Press.


Interested in Youth Information Practices & Services?

The Reinberger Children's Library Center

The Reinberger Children's Library Center supports research and hands-on learning with its collection of 50,000+ books for youth, original picture book art, publisher posters, and iPad lab.

MLIS students have gained experience

  • creating physical and virtual exhibits
  • participating in hands-on cataloging
  • supporting visiting scholars' research
  • marketing on social media
  • writing book reviews for the center’s blog

If you’re interested in youth services and want to get involved, contact Michelle Baldini (   Learn more     Visit the Blog

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