Information Organization & Retrieval

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Archival Arrangement and Description

Faculty Expert

Dr. Karen Gracy  Dr. Heather Soyka

Explore our faculty’s work in Archival Arrangement and Description

  • Gracy, K. F. (2015). Archival description and linked data: A preliminary study of opportunities and implementation challenges. Archival Science, 15 , 239-254.
  • Gracy, K. F., & Lambert, F. (2014). Who’s ready to surf the next wave? A study of perceived challenges to implementing new and revised standards for archival description. American Archivist, 77(1), 96-132.


Faculty Experts

Dr. Meghan Harper  Dr. Athena Salaba 

Cover of the book Cataloging and Classification, 4th ed.

Explore our faculty’s work in Cataloging

  • Chan, L. M., & Salaba, A. (2016). Cataloging and classification: An introduction (4th ed.). Scarecrow Press, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.


Faculty Experts

Dr. Athena Salaba  Dr. Marcia Zeng

Cross-language Information Retrieval

Faculty Expert

Dr. Athena Salaba

Discovery Systems

Faculty Experts

Dr. Lala Hajibayova  Dr. Athena Salaba

Explore our faculty’s work in Discovery Systems

  • Buente, W., Baybayan, C., Hajibayova, L., McCorkhill, M., & Panchyshyn, R. (2020). Exploring the renaissance of wayfinding and voyaging through the lens of knowledge representation, organization and discovery systems. Journal of Documentation, 76(6), 1279-1293.


Faculty Expert

Dr. Athena Salaba

Explore Our Faculty's Work in Indexing

  • Salaba, A. (2009). End-user understanding of indexing language information. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, 47(1), 23-51.

Interactive Information Retrieval

Faculty Experts

Dr. Athena Salaba  Dr. Catherine Smith

Explore Our Faculty’s Work in Interactive Information Retrieval

  • Smith, C. L., Gwizdka, J., & Feild, H. (2017). The use of query auto-completion over the course of search sessions with multifaceted information needs. Information Processing & Management, 53(5), 1139–1155.

Linked Data

Faculty Experts

Dr. Marcia Zeng Dr. Karen Gracy

Explore our faculty’s work in Linked Data

  • Gracy, K. F. (2018). Enriching and enhancing moving images with Linked Data: An exploration in the alignment of metadata models. Journal of Documentation, 74(2), 354-371.
  • Hajibayova, L. (2013). News, blog, ecommerce: Does genre matter for taggers? Transition cultures, transition KO: Evolving exploration, critical reflection, and practical work. In Proceedings of the Fourth North American Symposium on Knowledge Organization (NASKO 2013).


Faculty Experts

Dr. Marcia Zeng  Dr. Athena Salaba  Dr. Karen Gracy 

Cover of Metadata by Zeng and Qin

Explore our faculty’s work in Metadata

  • Salaba, A. & Tennis, J. T. (2018). Solid foundations and some secondary assumptions in the design of bibliographic metadata: Toward a typology of complementary uses of metadata. In Proceedings of the Fifteenth International ISKO Conference, Porto, Portugal, 9-11 July 2018. Würzburg: Ergon Verlag.
  • Zeng, M. L. & Qin, J. (2021). Metadata (3rd ed.). ALA Neal-Schuman.
  • Zeng, M., Gracy, K. F., & M. Žumer. (2014). Using a semantic analysis tool to generate subject access points: A study using Panofsky’s Theory and two research samples. Knowledge Organization, 41(6).
  • Zeng, M. L., Gracy, K. F., & Skirvin, L. (2013). Navigating the intersection of library bibliographic data and linked music information sources: A case study in metadata alignment. Journal of Library Metadata, 13(2-3), 254-278.


Faculty Expert

Dr. Marcia Zeng


Faculty Experts

Dr. Marcia Zeng  Dr. Athena Salaba

User-generated Tags

Faculty Experts

Dr. Lala Hajibayova

Explore Our Faculty’s Work in User-Generated Tags

  • Hajibayova, L., & Jacob, E. K. (2016). An investigation of the levels of abstraction of tags across three resource genres. Information Processing & Management, 52(6), 1178-1187.
  • Hajibayova, L., & Jacob, E. K. (2015). Factors influencing user-generated vocabularies: How basic are basic level terms? Knowledge Organization, 42(2), 102-112.