Sociocultural Perspectives

Our Specialties


Critical Librarianship

Critical librarianship asks the hows and whys of libraries, investigating the historical, cultural, social, economic, and political factors of policy and practice. It actively fights back against "business as usual" in our libraries when policy and practice perpetuates social oppression and advocates for positive social change.

Faculty Experts

Dr. Athena Salaba

Knowledge / Information for Development

Research on knowledge / information for development focuses on the provision, management, and use of knowledge with particular emphasis on the information needs and problems of developing countries.

Faculty Experts

Dr. Kendra Albright


Political economy of the information society

Research in this area explores the social, cultural, and political forces that shape global economic interactions.

Faculty Experts

Dr. Kendra Albright  Dr. Marianne Martens 

Social Justice

This area encompasses work that advocates for social justice as a guiding principle for information professionals and institutions.

Faculty Experts

Dr. Kendra Albright  Dr. Katie Campana  Dr. Marianne Martens