Principles of Design

Our Specialties


Graphic (Visual) Design

The broad practice and process of the visual side of design, primarily focusing on communication through the use of typography, color, iconography, imagery and/or illustration. This includes traditional work such as printed materials (type design, posters, brochures, publications, etc.) as well as digital materials (such as motion, web or software applications).

Faculty Expert

David Roll


The strategy and execution behind the visual language of an organization, entity, or product. Branding focuses on making a memorable and distinct visual identity for organizations/products both for promotion and to enhance communication with the audience.

Faculty Expert

David Roll

Human-Computer Interaction & Design

This multidisciplinary field researches the interactions between users and information technologies to inform intuitive design.

Faculty Experts

Dr. Catherine Smith  Dr. Yin Zhang 

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Information System Design

Faculty Experts

Dr. Lala Hajibayova  Dr. Rebecca Meehan  Dr. Athena Salaba 

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Research in usability investigates the user experience of technologies and applies design principles to make information technologies and products easier to use.

Faculty Experts

David Roll  Dr. Rebecca Meehan 

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  • Martens, M. (2012). Issues of access and usability in designing digital libraries for children. Library and Information Science Research, 34(3), p. 159- 168.
  • Meehan, R. (2020). The need to optimize the electronic health record: Usability issues in legacy systems can compromise patient safety. In Proceedings of the 13th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies, Vol. 5. Valletta, Malta.
  • Meehan, R. (2015). Usability improvements to electronic health records: Finding realistic paths to success. Proceedings of the International Conference on Health Informatics, 514-518, ISBN: 978-989-758-068-0, SCITEPRESS.

User Experience

The Nielsen Norman Group states that user experience (UX) “encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products.” Research in the area focuses on gaining a deeper understanding of users’ needs, preferences, and behaviors to inform design.

Faculty Experts

Dr. Rebecca Meehan   

User interfaces

User Experience/User Interfaces (UX/UI) is a branch of User Experience that focuses mainly on is the strategy behind creating pleasing, functional, and meaningful user-centered experiences, particularly when it comes to digital interfaces for websites, software applications, and in the field of LIS, digital information access points.

Faculty Experts

David Roll  Dr. Marianne Martens  Dr. Athena Salaba  Dr. Catherine Smith  Dr. Yin Zhang   

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  • Martens, M., Rinnert, G. C., & Andersen, C. (2018, December). Child-centered design: Developing an inclusive letter writing app. Frontiers in Psychology. (Special edition on Human Computer Interaction: Interactive Digital Technologies and Early Childhood). 

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