Office 365 (Email and Calendar) Security Improvements

Due to the rise of credential theft, it is important that we ensure that all ways of connecting to Kent State are protected by modern authentication methods, like multi-factor authentication. However, many of the older tools used to manage email and calendaring do not allow for us to use modern authentication solutions. Therefore, in favor of stronger security against cyber attacks, we are upgrading some of the backend technologies responsible for connecting to Office 365.

As a result, you may need to reconfigure Office, email and calendaring on your computer or mobile device to ensure that you can continue to access these services.

Will it affect me?

Are you reading your email with Outlook 2007/2008/2010/2013 on your computer?

Are you running iOS 11 or below or set up your mail on your phone a while ago?

  • iOS Solution: Upgrade to the latest version of iOS (12 or newer), or switch to Outlook for iOS.
    • You may need to delete and re-add your mail and calendar account with the iOS mail app.

Are you using an Android device?

  • Android Solution: Install Outlook for Android. Some Android mail clients do not support Microsoft's new authentication method.


If you use any of the following to access your mail and calendar you should not have to do anything, your mail and calendar should continue to work as normal.

  • On the web: Outlook Web Client (OWA).
  • On your desktop: Outlook 2016 or newer.
  • On MACs: OS 10.14 (Mojave) and newer.
  • On iPhones: iOS 12 or newer which have not had their settings migrated from an older phone

Rollout Schedule

Legacy Auth Schedule
1/20–1/24 IT staff
2/3–2/21 Students
3/9–320 Staff
3/23–3/27 Spring Break
3/30–4/10 Faculty
4/13–4/17 Remainder