Voluntary Separation Incentive Program (VSIP) Technology Considerations

The following outline is provided to help manage technology questions and needs during the separation process from Kent State University. Please share this list with your department leaders. This list can also be downloaded. For questions on the process or help working through these questions, please contact your local desktop support professional, if you're not sure who that is, check the list of support staff by department

  • Email address retention – Retirees in good standing and alums are entitled to keep a Kent State email. There are options for migrating mail, issuing new email addresses, and department archival of email data if required. Details can be found via the Request for Third Part E-mail Access form.
  • Ownership of resources – Distribution lists, Shared Resources, and Listservs are critical to ongoing university business. VSIP participants and their managers should check to see if they manage any resources by reviewing the Managing Shared Resources article and by visiting https://listserv.kent.edu to see lists they own, or are subscribed to.
  • Sponsored Accounts (_stu, _gst) - Employees may be sponsoring student employee accounts or guest accounts for university contributors. Please have departing staff visit https://guestaccount.kent.edu and request changes in sponsorship using the Assistance with Access and Your Account request.
  • Phone lines – Discontinuation of phone lines can be requested using the Add/Remove Telephone request.
  • Data Retention – Departing Staff may be storing institutional data in departmental shares, Google Drive, One Drive, on their computers, or other locations. Before they leave, they should make sure to transfer ownership of data to their managers or remaining team members as appropriate.
  • University equipment – Many employees are issued a variety of equipment to complete university business. Work with your local IT support professional to inventory and collect computers, laptops, tablets, monitors, docking stations, and adapters. Users separating from the university may not “buy” used equipment under any circumstances. All equipment remains the property of the department and the university until it is processed through our standard inventory disposal process. Your local desktop support professional maintains an inventory of equipment and can provide information as needed.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud – Licenses may be transferred to other employees within the department as needed. Work with your local desktop support professional to make any changes.
  • Recovering KSU Equipment - Collection of any equipment should be done with careful consideration of COVID-19 protocols. Have departing staff leave equipment on their desk or designate a drop off location within your building that allows for social distancing and disinfection of equipment prior to reclamation.

There may be department specific tools and resources that need considered and clear communication between leadership and departing staff will ensure these items can be passed along with no disruption. With so many things to consider and with multiple options for each category there will be confusion and questions. Please engage with your local IT support professional early in this process to ensure your teams remain productive and empowered in the coming months.