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Advertising is not simply making ads. It's developing a brand and connecting the brand with people who will buy it. Kent State University Advertising graduates will find themselves prepared to contribute productively to the ever-evolving, ever-expanding, global industry of persuasive communication in a variety of settings, including agencies, corporations, media companies, not-for-profits and government agencies.

With a curriculum focused on strategy, students learn the skills necessary to develop effective communications, including selecting the right audience, uncovering consumer insights, developing insight-based strategy, conceptualizing and creating effective messaging, and selecting the most effective media. Our degree in Advertising provides deep instruction on specific skills, culminating with full advertising campaign development.

Students further develop and hone their skills through their required internship and a variety of extra-curricular opportunities, including KSU's fully functional, professional advertising/marketing consultancy, IdeaBase, (formerly The Tannery) the student-run agency, Franklin Advertising and participation in key, national advertising competitions.