View Journalism Requirements

Students in Kent State University's Journalism program can choose from these concentrations:

Broadcast students learn to report, write and produce news for television and radio stations. Students may work at TV2, which broadcasts news daily on a local cable network, Black Squirrel Radio and Graduates can find employment in radio or television news and online news sites.

Magazine students learn all aspects of the reporting, writing, editing and production of digital and print magazines. Students can gain hands-on experience at any of several student-run magazines, including A Magazine, The BurrFusion, Luna Negra, and Uhuru. Graduates typically find writing or editing positions at magazines, newspapers or news websites.

Multimedia students learn all aspects of the reporting, editing and design of print and online news. They work for the Kent Stater and for at least one semester as part of a reporting class and many continue their involvement beyond that course. Most graduates find employment at daily newspapers or news websites.

Photojournalism students study the visual aspects of news reporting and storytelling. The major is for students who have good visual perception and want to demonstrate this skill through photography. A dynamic portfolio is needed to break into this career, and JMC courses are geared toward producing portfolios. Graduates may work in print or web media, but a significant number are self-employed, freelancing with advertising agencies, magazines, and businesses. Others operate studios or provide photographs to stock-photo agencies.