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Public Relations

JMC's Public Relations master's program is designed to accommodate the needs of students who wish to pursue a management-level career in the public relations or integrated marketing communications fields.

The on-ground program offers intense professional training with courses including Values and Ethics management, PR Online Tactics, and Media Relations and Publicity. JMC's PR faculty offers a unique blend of scholarly research and real-world experience to give students the best learning environment possible.


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Required Core Courses:

  • JMC 60000 Introduction to Graduate Studies in JMC - 3 hours
  • JMC 60001 Theory of Mass Communication - 3 hours
  • JMC 60002 Legal Problems in Mass Communication - 3 hours
  • JMC 60003 Ethics of Mass Communication - 3 hours
  • JMC 60007 Research Methods in Mass Communication - 3 hours
  • JMC 60396 Master's Professional Project - 3 hours -OR- JMC 60199* Thesis I - 6 hours

50 percent of course work must be at the 60000 level and must have JMC course subject.

4 credit hours of workshop courses (xxx93) may count toward the degree.


  • Media Management
  • Public Relations
  • Reporting/Editing - Broadcast
  • Reporting/Editing - Convergence
  • Reporting/Editing - Journalism Educators
  • Reporting/Editing - Magazine
  • Reporting/Editing - Newspaper

Students can take an elective outside the school or special PR classes such as Law of Advertising and Public Relations when offered. A maximum of 3 credit hours from "workshops" is allowed.

Total Hours Needed 36-43

*Recommendation from meeting with adviser

Contact our Graduate Studies Coordinators, Professor Mark Goodman at 330-672-6239 ( or Professor Jan Leach ( at 330-672-4289 for more information.