QUEST Mentorship Program

The LGBTQ+ Center is looking for LGBTQ and ally mentors. 

As a mentor are you...

  • A member or ally of the LGBTQ+ community
  • A college graduate (any level/degree)
  • Gainfully employed
  • Willing to provide support and connect monthly with your student mentee.   Monthly contact can consist of attending scheduled monthly mentee/mentor events, or through email, text, phone, etc.
  • Willing to share vocation/career information from your own experiences to help support career exploration and social growth

As a mentee are you...

  • A student
  • Willing to have contact with your mentor at least once a month

If so, we welcome you to join our efforts!

Queers United to Encourage and Support Transition (QUEST) is a mentorship program which launched in October 2016.  The LGBTQ+ Center is looking for volunteers to be mentors and mentees.  

Interested Contact Ken Ditlevson at 330-672-8580 or

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