Safe Space and Other Trainings

The university prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender; however, intolerance, insensitivity, and harassment still exist at Kent State as they do in society at large.

  • Safe Space Ally Training aims to equip students, faculty and staff with the tools for creating Safe Spaces and welcoming environments for LGBTQ students on campus. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the LGBTQ+ community, resources, and obtain the basics for making a difference in their sphere of influence.
  • Safe Space: Trans 101 is the second step in the training series. This training will allow participants to understand the concept of privilege, provide basic information and language, and give recommendations for how to work in solidarity with the trans community. You must complete Safe Space Ally Training before you can participate in Trans 101.
  • These trainings have the overarching goal of making KSU a safer, more welcoming space for all. Both sessions are 2 hours and Beyond Compliance certified.

Click here to register for a Safe Space Ally Training.

*Note the registration link will take you to the Beyond Compliance training site. Once there, search for a Safe Space Ally Training to get registered.

  • Ally Workshops are a one-hour workshop that is intended for student audiences. The workshop shared best-practices with regard to language in the LGBTQ+ community, including why sharing personal pronouns is important. Additionally, participants learn the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as learning resources that are supports to the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Pronouns 101 is a 15-30 minute workshop where participants discusses: what pronouns are, common pronouns used on campus, why personal pronouns are important, how to avoid making mistakes, and how to correct yourself if you make a mistake with regard to someone’s pronouns.
  • These trainings are not done through the Beyond Compliance training site. Please email to request an Ally Workshop or Pronouns 101 training.

Overview Presentation

Overview presentations can be presented by the LGBTQ+ Center for a course session/class on campus, as well as for student organizations. 

Presentations are 1 (one) hour in length and cover some LGBTQ+ basics and an overview of the LGBTQ+ Center.

Schedule a Training or Presentation

For more information or to schedule a training for your organization contact 330-672-8580 or

Presenter Information

The Safe Space Ally Training is facilitated by trained presenters who are well versed in issues affecting the LGBTQ community. All presenters have gone through Safe Space Ally Training previously and are prepared to answer your questions and lead you through the training. At least one of your presenters will be a full-time staff member of the LGBTQ+ Center.