The power of storytelling: The School of Media and Journalism, one of five schools in Kent State’s College of Communication and Information, helps students discover the power of storytelling – the news story, the feature story, the multimedia story, the client’s story and the short film. And in the process, we help students discover their own brand stories: who they are, what unique skills they offer and what they want to do with their professional lives.

  • Advertising


    Advertising involves developing a brand and connecting with people. Our graduates find themselves prepared to contribute to the ever-evolving global industry of persuasive communication.

  • Digital Media Production

    Digital Media Production

    Gain experience in all aspects of single-camera and live multi-camera production, including shooting, audio recording, editing, writing, directing and producing. 

  • Journalism


    Whether using a camera, a microphone, a smartphone or a laptop, students become journalists by doing journalism inside and outside the classroom. 

  • Public Relations

    Public Relations

    Discover the ways strategic communication can enhance transparency and trust, mobilize social movements and drive behavior. 

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  • Sophie Young, ’23, a senior in the School of Media and Journalism, has always admired the New York Times and everything about it (including the Wordle).

    “It’s a lot of what I consume,” she says. “I get three different New York Times emails in my Inbox every day, and I’ve been reading them for a long time.”

  • With fake news running rampant across the country, organizations like the News Literacy Project are on a mission to create better informed, more engaged and more empowered individuals. This spring, Kent State public relations students earned national recognition for their work creating a campaign that advanced this non-profit’s mission. 

    The students’ work was part of the Bateman Case Study Competition, a national competition sponso

  • In America, conversations about grief and loss are often avoided, and in art, tend to be sugarcoated, or even “corny.”

    Kent State Assistant Professor and independent filmmaker Dana White is changing that narrative through her work, and was recently recognized by the Ohio Arts Council.

    “We don’t address these really uncomfortably topics,” White said. “It’s OK to not be OK. It’s OK that life leaves us with a lot of bruises. It’s not about erasing them. It’s about trying to live with them, about trying to cope. … I don’t think American society is comfortable with tha

  • Collaboration and teamwork have been the common threads that have led Kent State Media and Journalism alumna Raytevia Evans, M.A. ‘12, through teaching English abroad, graduate school, work as an education reporter and now, as a public information officer. She says that every time she’s produced work she’s proud of, it has been the result of a group project.