Hear to Help is an initiative from Kent State University that identifies individuals who have completed one or more of the mental health awareness trainings offered through the Division of Mental Health and Substance Use.

White text that says, "Hear to Help supporting mental health."

Modeled after the Allies/Safe Space program that identifies individuals who are open to talking about and who are supportive of LGBTQ+ individuals and identities, individuals displaying the Hear to Help logo have a deeper understanding of mental health and substance use and can help connect individuals with services, if necessary. Completing one or more of the mental health awareness trainings does not obligate individuals to participate in the Hear to Help initiative.  

Join the Hear to Help Initiative

The Hear to Help initiative and mental health awareness trainings are available thanks to grant funds. Select where you are participating from for more information:

Kent State University Participants

Medina County Aware Participants

External Participants, email Kim Laurene, klaurene@kent.edu

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