Student Mental Health Coalition

The coalition is designed for undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in promoting mental health across campus while reducing mental illness stigma. If your existing student group would like to get involved in the coalition or if you want to learn how to become an Independent Member, please provide your information. The coalition is located on the third floor of Lowry Hall in Suite 331.

Partners of the coalition include:

Upcoming Events:

Empowered Series graphic, see info

Join us for our Empowered Series! Each day during December 7th-11th from 6:30-7pm EST students from the Student Mental Health Coalition will be holding a free mental health workshop to help you feel empowered. Come to at least one workshop for a chance to win one of two Amazon gift cards! 


Student Mental Health Coalition Book Club

Join our Virtual (won't take you more than 10 minutes to read) Mental Health Book Club! We will be reading short journal articles about mental health, and discussing them at our meeting. How will it work? Each week you will be emailed a short journal article to be read before our meeting. The day of our meeting you will be emailed a Blackboard Collaborate link so we can discuss what we've read and mental health! Don't worry, this book club is meant to be fun, entertaining, engaging, and educational about mental health and illnesses.


Past Events:

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