Student Mental Health Coalition


Student Mental Health Coalition

The SMHC is open to any undergraduate or graduate students and/or student organization that wants to create a positive mental health impact at Kent State University. Under partnership with the SMHC, all organizations or Independent Members (i.e., anyone who would like to be part of the SMHC and is not in an organization), will work together to promote mental health while working to reduce mental illness stigma. 

The SMHC has two meetings per semester, and it is strongly encouraged that all partners attend both meetings. The SMHC can help your student organization by assisting you plan a mental health related event, share your mental health related events on our social media channels, connect you with campus leaders, and provide you with meeting space for your organization. If you are an Independent Member, you could help assist with developing and implementing  SMHC sponsored events, posting on social media, and more. All partners of the SMHC will discuss ways in which we can collaborate together to implement mental health related events and initiatives on campus. If you are interested in learning more about the SMHC, setting up a meeting to discuss a potential partnership, or would like to join the SMHC, please contact Bethanie Mauerman ( The coalition is located on the third floor of Lowry Hall in Suite 331.

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SMHC Mental Health Book Club

Our book club is open to students, faculty and staff who have a passion for mental health and want to learn more. We will meet approximately once a month in-person (depending on current COVID-19 guidelines), and we will discuss a short, 10 minutes to read or less, journal article about a mental health related topic. For any questions, please contact Cara Carlson (

Check back later for Fall 2023 meeting times.


SMHC Mental Health Blog (NEW!)

Do you have a question about mental health or illness that you are nervous about asking, or you are unsure who to ask? Submit your question anonymously to our blog! We will show your question to campus leaders who we know will give an educated answer. If you don’t have a question, you can still read our blog! Posts will be uploaded to our website (down below!) monthly. The purpose of our blog is to educate the KSU community about mental health while working to eliminate mental illness stigma. For any questions, please contact Bethanie Mauerman (

Submit a Question for Blog

Submitting questions to the blog is not a place for emergencies or a replacement for help. Our survey is not checked regularly, and we cannot guarantee your question will be answered. If you or someone you know are experiencing mental distress, visit for mental health resources on campus.


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