Public Health Student Alliance

Students working together to improve the quality of life.

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Welcome to Public Health Student Alliance (PHSA)!

PHSA is the official organization for the College of Public Health. PHSA was founded based on the firm belief that students’ of Kent State University participation in humanitarian efforts is important. The purpose of PHSA website is to introduce you to our student group and provide you with more information about our activities.

You may ask what PHSA will do for you? PHSA will provide you with various opportunities to volunteer in the community and within the university. PHSA encourages students to become members and get involved in making a difference in people’s lives, either through volunteering their time or fundraising for various humanitarian causes.

Getting involved will give you, the student, a chance to apply some of the concepts learned in class. PHSA strives to present members with a unique perspective, giving members an opportunity to first hand experience the world of Public Health.

The PHSA executive board is listed below. Contact a member if you are interested in participating. The organization is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@PHSAatKSU).

To be considered an active member of PHSA, a student must attend three (3) PHSA promoted events, two (2) PHSA general member meetings, and one (1) National Public Health Week (NPHW) event.

*Member attendance is tracked at each event and meeting.

Tentative Spring 2020 Schedule

2018-2019 PHSA Executive Board

President - Cassie Shokles,

Vice President and Finance Chair - Erin Fanning,

Secretary - Olivia Anderson,

Community Service Chair - Abigail Mack,

Public Relations Chair - Kristen Septaric,

Co-Graduate Advisory Chair - Jim Cairns,

Co-Graduate Advisory Chair - Antwaun Nettles ,