U Goods are events that raise awareness of mental health and substance misuse at Kent State University. The objective of U Goods is to engage, educate, and encourage Kent State students to adopt healthful skills and behaviors that improve mental wellness. This mental health programming is funded through the Garrett Lee Smith Campus Suicide Prevention Grant (GLS), which was awarded to the Division of Mental Health and Substance Use (DMHSU) for suicide prevention and mental health awareness. 

Upcoming U Good Events

  • Crafting Happiness Through Gratitude
    • Monday, March 21st 11am-2pm, 2nd floor of the Kent State Student Center
    • Thursday, March 24th 2pm-5pm, 2nd floor of the Kent State Student Center

Previous U Good Events 

A Beginner’s Guide to Gratitude Virtual Workshop

  • Students learned gratitude exercises and how to show appreciation to themselves and others. 

Aromatherapy Dough

  • Students created play-dough infused with essential oils to use when wanting to relax, decompress, meditate, and reflect. 


  • Students crafted blankets, wrote letters and decorated succulents for patients undergoing mental health treatment. This event was organized and hosted by the Nightingale Project, a student organization at Kent State, to promote body positivity and reduce stigmas surrounding eating disorders. 

Be Your Own Mental Health Superhero

  • Students identified self-help tips they, or someone else, should use to defeat stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Elfie Selfie

  • Students received a candy cane, mental health tips for finals week, and their photo taken with our elf cardboard cut-out at this winter festive event. 

Flower Pots

  • Students planted their own miniature flower pot and decorated it with inspirational quotes to support mindfulness.   

Kahoot Trivia - Spooktacular

  • Students tested their knowledge of Halloween and mental health through a game of Kahoot.

Kahoot Trivia - Mental Health

  • Students tested their knowledge of general trivia, mental health and Kent State University through a game of Kahoot. 

Mentally Prepare for Finals Week Webinar

  • Students attended this online event to learn how to manage academic-related stress and anxiety related to high achievement expectations in school. 

Misuse Awareness Webinar

  • Students learned the facts about alcohol misuse.

Mind Power for Midterms Virtual Workshop, Face Finals Like a Pro Virtual Workshop

  • Students discussed ways to manage academic-related stress in order to achieve high achievement expectations.

Nurturing Relationships & Positivity Webinar

  • Students learned ways to nurture healthy relationships and foster positive emotions with content from Thrive Through It.

Redeem Your Self-Esteem Virtual Workshop

  • Students discovered simple steps to improve their self-esteem, build self-confidence, and have more self-respect.

Resilience and High Expectations Webinar

  • Students who attended this online event were taught academic resiliency skills on meeting high expectations and achieving success.

Say No to Stress: Tips for Mental Wellness While Social Distancing Webinar

  • Students learned tips for mental health, wellness, and stress and practiced healthful behaviors. 

Scare Away Stigma

  • Students stopped by this fall-themed event for candy and to better understand the effects of stigmatizing costumes, Halloween triggers, and mental health stigma depicted in horror films. This event was organized and hosted by Active Minds, Kent State’s chapter of a national nonprofit organization that supports mental health awareness of young adults. 


  • Students were educated on the mental health benefits of sleep after decorating their own sleep mask. 

A Stress Less You & Me Webinar

  • Students learned tips and strategies for coping with stress and anxiety.

Take Care: Tips for Mental Wellness While Social Distancing Webinar

  • Students learned tips for mental health and wellness and practiced healthful behaviors. They learned tips on how to stay mentally well while social distancing. 

Tips for Mental Wellness During COVID-19 Webinar

  • Students learned how to stay physically, socially, and mentally active while following COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Virtual Craft and Learn Session: Snowflakes & Self-Care

  • Students followed a live video demonstration on how to make paper snowflakes and learn the basics of self-care.