Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) in Community Health Outreach and Development

The Bachelor of Science with a Community Health Outreach and Development concentration prepares students to engage effectively in professional practice to eliminate health disparities through community- and system-level strategies that promote health and healthy behaviors using a variety of population based initiatives.

The BSPH in “Community Health Outreach and Development” concentration focuses on:
  • Identifying and exploring ways to influence the multi-level determinants of population health and health behaviors
  • Eliminating health disparities and using a perspective that prioritizes health equity and social justice
  • Community- and system-level strategies to promote health and healthy behaviors among populations through media, policy, and education initiatives.

Graduates from this concentration will be prepared to assist with developing, implementing, and coordinating public health interventions that promote community health and organize diverse communities around issues related to health and health behavior. Graduates might work in the public sector, social services, non-profit agencies, or with other community-based health promotion and advocacy efforts. This concentration is offered 100 percent online or in person.

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