Executive Board | Kent State University

Executive Board

We are proud to be serving on your 2017-2018 NRHH e-board!

If you'd like to talk to any of us, we are always available by e-mail as well as we are periodically in the KIC/NRHH office in the Tri-Towers rotunda.


President: Sam J. Miller smill155@kent.edu

Vice Presdient of Service: Ben J. Meador bmeador@kent.edu

Vice President of Recognition: Alycia L. Quellhorst aquellho@kent.edu

Director of Business Operations: Marisa D. Stephens msteph19@kent.edu

Director of Public Relations: Casey R. Edwards cedwar32@kent.edu

Director of External Relations: Megan A. Dale mdale2@kent.edu

Director of Recruitment: Alexandra A. Watson awatso21@kent.edu