Find out the different ways to nominate others!

Membership Spotlight:

  • Recognize your fellow NRHH members for outstanding service and recognition!
  • Membership spotlights will be featured on our social media accounts as well as at weekly meetings.

General Membership recommendation

  • If you know of anyone who you believe should be nominated for general membership of NRHH fill out this form.
  • Due February 25th

NRHH Professional Staff Member of the Year 

  • The Professional Staff Member of the Year award goes to a professional staff member who has consistently gone above and beyond, in order to not only help their team achieve goals, but also to help foster a fun and healthy working environment.
  • This Professional Staff member upholds the values of the Department of Residence Services as well as serves as a positive influence for other staff members. The particular staff member is able to respond appropriately in both times of near crisis and when things are going well.
  • Finally, this staff member has made a noticeable and positive impact on the Department of Residence Services or the Kent State University community, or both.
  • Any full-time staff member of the Department of Residence Services is eligible for this award. Nominations for this award can be submitted using this form.