Study Abroad in Israel/Palestine!

What is daily life like in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and in the heartland of Israel? What exactly are the main points of contention that challenge peace between Israel and Palestinians? What are the central policy questions that govern these communities? While one study-abroad experience can not allow sufficient time to cover these questions comprehensively, this course aims to debunk myth, introduce participants to policy implications for diverse communities, and give students an opportunity to think critically and constructively about the challenges in the region. At the end of the course students will be able to articulate the positions of the major parties to the conflict, with the understanding that there is no single, unified Israeli or Palestinian position. They will further understand the theory of settler-colonialism and understand the effects of the conflict’s occupation on the occupiers and the occupied.  Some prior knowledge of Middle East politics and history is desirable, but not required. Visit Palestine/Israel, Intersession 2018!

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