Association of American Geographers

Scott Sheridan

My research interests are in synoptic climatology, climate change, and bioclimatology. Perhaps foremost, I've worked on addressing the problem of heat vulnerability through a number of different avenues, from survey work on heat perception, to the development of over 30 heat-warning systems across the globe, and projections of future vulnerability. I am also interested in all other aspects of applied climatology, including climate and crime, atmospheric composition, and agriculture. I also serve as the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Biometeorology.


Patrick Zhao

I earned my B.A. in Geography from Kent State University in Spring 2013 and chose to continue my studies in modern geospatial technologies at Kent State as a graduate student.  I am very interested in GIS, GPS and RS (Remote Sensing) and hope I could acquire a wider scope of professional knowledge and techniques of these fields during my graduate studies.  My personal interests include computing, multimedia creation and visualization.

Thomas Veldman

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography at Kent State University with primary research interests in the areas of Geographic Information Systems, Urban/Rural Food Environments, Urban Crime and Urban Health.

I am currently working as a research assistant for Dr. Xinyue Ye and for Dr. Andrew Curtis in the Health and Hazards Lab in the Department of Geography.  I've worked on research projects in Political Geography for Michigan State University from 2012-2013, and for the Food Access in Michigan Research project with the University of Michigan from 2012-2013.

Laura Schuch

As a doctoral student and Research Assistant, my interests can broadly be described as health geography, social epidemiology and geospatial technologies, with a passion for social and environmental justice.  Building on a Masters in Public Health, I focus on understanding how a person's address, neighborhood, community, etc., affects his or her health and well-being.  Research often investigates one environmental condition (such as lead exposure) or health condition (such as asthma) in isolation.  This eliminates the ability to draw connections and understand additive or synergistic affects

Alex Colucci

I received my MA in Geography from Kent State University and BA in Geography from SUNY New Paltz in 2010 with a minor in Environmental Studies. My interests include political and cultural geographies.

Sarah L. Smiley

I am an urban geographer with research interests in water and development.  I use multiple qualitative methods including surveys, interviews, participant observation, spatial video, mental mapping, and archival research.  I am specifically interested in the ways that colonial legacies of segregation and inequitable housing and amenity provision affect everyday life in Sub-Saharan Africa.  My current research project analyzes what access to water really means.  In particular I explore how the price, availability, reliability, and quality of water along with the physical act of walking to col

Thomas Schmidlin

My research interests are in climatology, severe weather, and natural hazards. My recent work focuses on tornado hazards and risk of death, especially to persons in mobile homes and motor vehicles, improving tornado warnings, and how warnings are perceived and acted upon. Other recent research topics included severe winter weather and mountain climates.

Mandy Munro-Stasiuk

I am a geomorphologist and applied remote sensing researcher.  Most of my work has been on ancient and contemporary glacial landscapes in Canada, the USA and Iceland, and in particular subglacial meltwater processes.  I study these landscapes through their geomorphology and sedimentology, and I use satellite imagery and ground penetrating radar as my tools.  More recently, using the same methods and tools, I have started research in Yucatan, Mexico, on karst sinkholes and their use by the ancient Maya.