Applied Linguistics

Phillip Hamrick

Phillip Hamrick (PhD, Georgetown University, 2013) is an assistant professor and principal investigator of the Language and Cognition Research Laboratory. Dr. Hamrick conducts experimental research on the neurocognition of second language acquisition, focusing on the roles general cognitive capacities (e.g., memory, awareness, perception, attention) in the learning process. He also conducts meta-research on research methods themselves in order to improve the validity of language learning research.

Sarah Rilling

Sarah Rilling (PhD, Northern Arizona University, 1998) is an associate professor in the area of teaching English as a second/additional language (TESL) within the Department of English. She teaches courses in applied linguistics, including language study (Descriptive Grammar), language policy (Sociolinguistics in Schooling), language curriculum (English for Specific Purposes), and language pedagogy (Practicum). Research includes pedagogical work and lexical analysis in contact languages (impact of English in Japanese and German).