Applied Linguistics

Ryan Miller

Ryan T. Miller (PhD, Carnegie Mellon University) is an assistant professor in the TESL program. His research focuses on second language (L2) reading and writing. Within L2 reading, he investigates how reading and reading sub-skills (e.g., morphological awareness, phonological awareness, lexical inferencing ability) developed in a first language can support reading in a second language. Within L2 writing, he researches development of disciplinary genre knowledge using the tools of Systemic Functional Linguistics.

Sarah Rilling

Sarah Rilling (PhD, Northern Arizona University, 1998) is an associate professor in the area of teaching English as a second/additional language (TESL) within the Department of English. She teaches courses in applied linguistics, including language study (Descriptive Grammar), language policy (Sociolinguistics in Schooling), language curriculum (English for Specific Purposes), and language pedagogy (Practicum). Rilling's research and publications focus on inquiry and action in language teaching in an age of standards and nativization processes in modern language contact.