4 Reasons to Get Your Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health in Allied Health Online

When making the choice on whether to continue your education and pursue a bachelor’s degree in public health online, sorting out the pros and cons can be intimidating for many students who don’t know all the facts. At Kent State College of Public Health, we take pride in our programs with individual concentrations, like the allied health concentration.

The bottom line is that we want students to excel in their future endeavors and careers. Our faculty and the university want to make the answer simple for all students asking, “What are the next steps for my education and future?” With that in mind, we crafted this list of four reasons you should pursue your allied health degree online at Kent State University.

1. Flexibility

Flexibility is a large part of why our students in the allied health bachelor’s degree online program love and succeed in our courses. Whether you are busy working full-time, parenting, or traveling, the flexibility and balance afforded you from online classes will allow you to accomplish school work requirements when it works best for you.

An effective work-life balance, or in this case, school-life balance, helps you to accomplish your goals and achieve your degree, while still giving you the time to take care of any personal needs.

2. Save Money

Saving money is always worthwhile when seeking further education. Our online public health degree with a concentration in allied health is an affordable option when continuing your education to further your career goals.

Students in the online program don’t have to commute, nor do they have to pay for parking, meals, or many other expenses outside of the classes themselves like they would if they were on campus. Instead, they can enjoy taking classes from the comfort of their home, or can complete their degrees from anywhere in the world!

3. An Interactive Learning Environment

The allied health concentration is one of the few public health degrees online that allows students to expand their career portfolio.

The allied health concentration prepares students online through our interactive learning environment for the increased demands of the public health workforce through many areas of public health. Our highly trained and educated faculty understand that the public health world is constantly changing, and we educate and prepare students for the future through the convenience of online coursework.

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4. Prep for a Career Change

For those who have completed an associate degree in a health field and have found they want to change or pivot their career, continuing education is often needed in order to achieve that goal. Our online allied health degree program is perfect for students in this position, because they can keep working as they complete classes.

Because the allied health concentration encompasses a large array of public health focuses, a student is able to add depth to their current skillset and apply the skills learned in our online public health degree in allied health to their future career! The opportunities are endless in the public health field with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) with a concentration in Public Health.

Want to learn more on how we can help you achieve your career goals with a degree in allied health? Reach out to our staff at the Kent State University today. We can’t wait to have you join us!