Kent State College of Public Health Trains Laboratorians

The Kent State College of Public Health is always looking for new ways to improve the educational opportunities it offers.

For example, its Center for Public Health Preparedness instructors provide hands-on training courses and on-line training opportunities for clinical and research laboratorians. Training occurs in the Biosafety Training Laboratory within the Department of Biological Sciences. CEUs, undergraduate, and graduate credit will be offered through the College of Continuing Studies. Please check back to learn of upcoming training opportunities.

  • Tour the BSL 3 Training Lab at Kent State
  • Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL), the updated 5th edition is now available online. Courtesy the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and National Institutes of Health.
  • Guide to Changes in Transporting Infectious Substances Safely (HMR 49 CFR Parts 171, 172, 173 & 175; October 2006).
  • Kent State University's Office of Research Safety website offers manuals, forms, guides, bulletins, etc that pertain to the biosafety, radiation safety and laboratory functions at Kent State University.

Training events/presentations

  • Virtual Laboratory for Select Grant Agent Identification A review 'game' for laboratorians to refresh their skills (as seen at 2006 ASM)!
  • Molecular Identification of Select Agent Surrogates
  • "Safety in the Microbiology Lab" An introduction to principles and practices at biosafety levels 1, 2, & 3 (download to see slide notes)

Select Agent Information in PDF

  • Bacillus anthracis, Brucella, Burkholderia
  • Clostridia, Coxiella, E. coli
  • Francisella, Rickettsia, Salmonella, Shigella
  • Staph, Cholera, Yersinia

Pictures from the opening of the KSU Training Lab, October 12, 2005 (Bob Christy photos):

Dr. Carol Cartwright

KSU president, Dr. Carol Cartwright and U.S. Rep. Ralph Regula demonstrating the biosecurity in place in the new facility.

Dr. Ed Thompson, Jr (CDC), Dr. Nick Baird (ODH)

Dr. Ed Thompson, Jr (CDC), Dr. Nick Baird (ODH), Dr. Carol Cartwright, Ralph Regula, and Kathleen Chandler (US Rep.) listen as Dr. Christopher Woolverton (KSU) describes the potential of the new training lab.