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Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Nurse Epidemiologist

Nurses who desire to further their education can find a number of career paths within the field of clinical epidemiology.

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Thinking of Becoming an Epidemiologist? A Look at the Field and Its Future

Interested in becoming a clinical epidemiologist? The field offers a wide array of opportunities for the dedicated student and professional.

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Get Answers to Your Common Questions with the Help of Our Faculty

Want to learn more on how we are one of the best epidemiology programs in Ohio? Get to know our program better through our FAQs!

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What Jobs Can You Get with an MS in Clinical Epidemiology

Thinking about a career in clinical epidemiology? There is a wealth of epidemiology jobs for qualified grads, so check out our post for some possibilities.

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6 Reasons to Get Your Master’s in Clinical Epidemiology Online

Visit our post to see six reasons to receive your Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology

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