Mission Life VI

Bringing Together Brilliant Minds to Create Solutions to the Challenges We Face Today

Want to save the world AND win cash and other prizes in the process?

Participate in the Mission Life VI competition this Fall!

Mission Life is an international competition that brings together groups of students to propose solutions to pressing concerns. The goal of the competition is to foster innovative ideas and entrepreneurship in a multi and interdisciplinary team. This year’s theme is Global Sustainable Solutions in the 21st century. All Kent State University students are eligible to participate.  Please sign up so you can develop and share your ideas to save the world!

More information can be found here and here:

For further information contact the Mission Life coordinator, Dr. Edgar E. Kooijman at ekooijma@kent.edu.

An informational meeting for interested students will be held on September 5 in the new Integrated Sciences Building, meet near room 190 at 7 p.m. The registration deadline for the competition is September 11.