Student Profiles

From our Summer Undergraduate Research Experience fellows to our innovative and entrepreneurial graduate students, Kent State University and the Office of Student Research place a premium on student scholarship, research and innovation.
These profiles highlight the efforts and successes of our students, who are showing the Kent State community and the world how to do high-class research at every class level.

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What Students are Saying About Their Research Experience 
Chase image
Chase Steele, Senior, Biology Pre-Medicine

Chase Steele, an Undergraduate Research Symposium and Three Minute Thesis winner, studies cancer immunotherapy in order to one day create better treatment for cancer. As a student who has been interested in research since he was a freshman, Chase explains his process of becoming an experienced professional with ample knowledge that he can take with him to medical school.
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Davidnhan To, Senior, Chemistry

Even after the conclusion of his SURE program, Davidnhan To continues to study and research ribosome biogenesis with his lab group. He has overcome repeated failure with both determination to succeed and dedication to his craft.
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Devan Mathie, Junior, Environmental and Conservation Biology

Devan Mathie, one of this year’s Three Minute Thesis winners, studies decomposition in streams to contribute to the field of Environmental and Conservation Biology. As a transfer student, Devan explains how research has helped him connect more deeply with the Kent State community.
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Gabriella Amato, Junior, Biology

Gabriella Amato works with what she is most passionate about and makes connections with peers who share her interests. She works in a bioinformatics lab in which she researches the molecular evolution of regulatory genes through experiments with animal models.
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Marlon Image
Marlon Valladares Nuñez, Junior, Physics

Marlon Valladares Nuñez conducts innovating research in a new field of study. He researches the I-motif—a specific form of DNA that was primarily found in the 1990s. Since beginning his work, Marlon has come to compare research to an open-world game in which one can go anywhere and do anything.
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Sidney Fimiani, Junior, Psychology

Psychology student, Sidney Fimiani, currently participates in the Columbus Program while she studies cognition and health issues. She explains the evolution of what she calls her “soft skills” as she bolsters her resume and prepares for conferences. 
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Brooklyn Image
 Brooklyn Bennett, Junior, English

Brooklyn Bennett strives to spread awareness on social issues through her research on a group called the Flying Word’s Project. After scouring the literature of her field, Brooklyn reveals through her research how real progress can come about from visual art performances and protests. 
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